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Universal Studios Announces Their 2009 Halloween Horror Nights

Looks like Freddy, Jason and Letherface are getting the boot this year at the Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights 2009. Both the Hollywood and Orlando locations have opted to give Jigsaw from the “Saw” films his own haunted maze this year and let their usual cast enjoy a vacation. According to their site Michael Myers will also be joining in on the fun in Hollywood, with Chucky and the Wolfman making the trip to Orlando.

From The Creator Of “Severance” Comes "Triangle"

I have to give the creators of “Triangle” credit, they’ve got something I haven’t seen before. Ok not the whole trapped in a storm on a boat thing, not the “Butterfly Effect” thing and not the creepy empty ship thing. But freakin Bermuda Triangle? Alright the SciFi channel may have beaten them to that also, but still, well played people!

The Corpse Eating Robots Are Coming!

I’m all for technological advances. The sooner I can get a Rosie the robot to clean my house the better. But the Pentagon has gone too far this time. They’ve commissioned a Maryland based technology group to create a steam powered robot that can fuel itself by eating up different organic material. Grass, wood, oil and even human bodies are all on the menu. That’s right folks, corpse eating robots.

The Next Round Of Toy Movies

With the success of the "Transformers" films and the upcoming "G.I. Joe" movie it was only a matter of time before the rest of our childhood toys get turned into major motion pictures. Well the good people over at Atom Films have beat the Hollywood big wigs to the punch this time. David Cronenberg directing a Cabbage Patch Kids movie? Peter Jackson takes on The Smurfs? Sure why the hell not.

Trailer For New Slasher Film “Frayed”

“Frayed” isn’t exactly breaking any new ground in the world of slasher films but that may not necessarily be a bad thing. With all the remakes kicking around lately I think we could all use a good old fashion nut
job killing a bunch of kids after they screw type film. I know I could. So “Frayed” might be the answer to all of our prayers and we now have a trailer for the flick that you can view below.

Festival Hit “Treevenge” Now Available Online

Jason Eisener’s “Treevenge” has been getting some serious attention since it showed up on the scene back in 08. Along the way it’s picked up awards at the New York City Horror Film Fest, Toronto After Dark Festival, San Francisco Independent Film Festival and a bunch of other well known festivals. Well now “Treevenge” is available online for all to enjoy. This 16 minute film shows what happens when your Christmas trees get fed up and decides to fight back. It’s Christmas in July people!

“The Human Centipede”, FML

Just when you thought things couldn’t get any more f’ed up comes along sometime like “The Human Centipede”. Written and directed by Dutch filmmaker Tom Six the film will be making it’s debut in August at the Film4 Frightfest in London.

Eureka 3.9: "Welcome Back, Carter"

“Eureka” took a few months off from the Syfy channel last year but a whole hell of a lot of crap happened before it did. Henry became mayor, Allison discovered she’s preggers by her dead ex-husband, Eve Thorne flew the coup and probably most importantly Jack Carter got fired. So little was made of this that I was pretty sure that “Eureka” had actually been canceled, so I was happy to see that it’s back with a vengeance every Friday night now.

For Some Reason "Harper's Island" Is Coming To DVD

So I might be one of the fifteen people that actually watched “Harper’s Island” on CBS but nonetheless they have decided to put the entire mini-series out on DVD. Truth be told I only made it through about four weeks and didn’t even realize they had finished off the show until a couple weeks ago when I saw my DVR recording something on a Saturday night.

New Full Length "District 9" Trailer

With the Peter Jackson produced film “District 9” hitting theaters in a little over a month we’re officially knee deep in the media bonanza. Now we’ve got our hands on the latest trailer for the alien invasion flick and unlike the version we saw a couple months back this one gives the impression that our new friends don’t take too kindly to us humans locking them up. In fact from the looks of things they get mighty pissed.

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