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Trailer For Tim Burton's “Alice” UPDATED!

So for the past month or so we’ve been seeing more and more images coming out for Tim Burton’s “Alice In Wonderland”. Well not we’ve got the first official teaser trailer for the film which is currently set for a March 5th, 2010 release.

"Saw VI" Clip Direct From Comic-Con

Comic-Con is in full swing out in San Diego right now and today we have our first look at “Saw VI” direct from the Lionsgate booth.

There's no audio, but you get the idea. A standard Jigsaw puzzle which appears to be a cross between a playground and the Gravitron at the Jersey State fair. Not sure how I feel about this one yet but at this point all of the puzzles and moves are blurring into one.

New Trailer For "The Graves"

2010 seems a ways off be we’ve already got the first trailer for next years “8 Films To Die For” series. Written and directed by independent comic book creator Brian Pulido “The Graves” looks to be one of the best entries to date. Gratuitous cleavage shots, crazy townspeople, Tony Todd as a priest and Bill Moseley. This film has it all. Not set to be released till January of 2010, you can take a look at the new trailer below and visit the film's official website for more info.

Three New Clips From "The Collector"

How these have not been pulled down from Youtube yet is beyond me but what we have below are three separate clips from “The Collector” which is scheduled to hit theaters on the 31st of July. While the clips are only about 20 seconds each I’m getting the idea that there is some series sick crap going on in the film. Flesh eating roaches, mouth sewing, and a guy trying to fit another guys head threw a key hole. Not to spoil it but he succeeds, sort of. I guess this is what we should be expecting from the co-writers of “Saw IV-VII” and the “Feast” trilogy.

"12 Bells" Trailer

Let’s play a fun game. Hop on down to the bottom of the page and watch the trailer for “12 Bells” and try to figure out what the hell is going on without reading the film's description. Go ahead, I’ll wait.

Still confused? Me too but I have to say the film looks pretty interesting. At the very least it looks like a bunch of freaky crap that will give my wife nightmares. But if that isn’t enough here’s a little more info.

Eureka 3.10: "Your Face Or Mine?"

I never like when shows take major characters and remove them from the series for a week. They usually come up with some random excuse why that person isn’t around, usually a conference in some far away city or some other random crap. This past week's episode of Eureka titled “Your Face Or Mine?” was that kind of episode, well sort of. Sheriff Carter was taken out of the mix and the rest of the city was left to fend for themselves.

Fox to recast “Futurama”?

If you’re all excited about the return of “Futurama” you might want to hold off on that Bender tattoo you were planning. According to a number of the cast member's Facebook pages, yeah Facebook, Fox has decided to recast a a big chunk of the main characters' voices. John DiMaggio, Phil LaMarr, Maurice LaMarche, Billy West and Katy Sagal are apparently all up to be replaced. For those of you playing along at home that’s pretty much every character except Amy.

Universal Studios Announces Their 2009 Halloween Horror Nights

Looks like Freddy, Jason and Letherface are getting the boot this year at the Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights 2009. Both the Hollywood and Orlando locations have opted to give Jigsaw from the “Saw” films his own haunted maze this year and let their usual cast enjoy a vacation. According to their site Michael Myers will also be joining in on the fun in Hollywood, with Chucky and the Wolfman making the trip to Orlando.

From The Creator Of “Severance” Comes "Triangle"

I have to give the creators of “Triangle” credit, they’ve got something I haven’t seen before. Ok not the whole trapped in a storm on a boat thing, not the “Butterfly Effect” thing and not the creepy empty ship thing. But freakin Bermuda Triangle? Alright the SciFi channel may have beaten them to that also, but still, well played people!

The Corpse Eating Robots Are Coming!

I’m all for technological advances. The sooner I can get a Rosie the robot to clean my house the better. But the Pentagon has gone too far this time. They’ve commissioned a Maryland based technology group to create a steam powered robot that can fuel itself by eating up different organic material. Grass, wood, oil and even human bodies are all on the menu. That’s right folks, corpse eating robots.

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