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Video: Richard Kelly Talks About "The Box"

I like when movies that didn't do well put all kinds of special features on the DVD and Blue-Ray to trick you into thinking the movie is great. "The Box" for example has writer/director Richard Kelly babbling on about how clever the story is in the clip you can check out below. I'll agree the guy has talent but just because Joe Eszterhas wrote "Showgirls" doesn't mean I want to hear him talk about "Basic Instinct 2". See what I did there?

Video: New Clip From "The Crazies"

We're so close to this Friday's release of "The Crazies" that I can almost taste Timothy Olyphant's warm, musty breath. Don't judge. And to feed the excitement we've got a new clip from the film. It doesn't have Olyphant in it but it does have a nut bag about to stab the crap out of some people with a pitch fork. I hope they get the… point! Get it?

"The Crazies" hits theaters this Friday and will also be the topic of next week's podcast so get your ass to the theater.

Video: Two Minutes Of Non-Stop Violence From “Valhalla Rising”

"Fight Club" is one of my favorites movies but even I can admit it's missing a few things. Like people getting their necks snapped and guys beating the crap out of each other with their own innards. That kind of stuff spices up any movie. And the people behind "Valhalla Rising" know this, big time.

The clip below is two minutes of non stop brutal action from the Viking epic. Want more fun? The whole thing is set to the Nutcracker suite. Surprisingly there isn't any actual nut cracking in the clip though. I think that's irony.

Trailer: No He Can't Read My "Bulletface"

Hold up, bad acting and a crappy new wave 80's rip off soundtrack? "Bulletface" you had me at hello! The film which recently had its trailer hit the intertubes is everything you could ever want. Dara is released from prison for 60 hours so she can avenge her brother's murder. Sounds easy? Well her bro's murder also happens to be the most powerful drug lord this side of the Rio Grand and he recently discovered a new drug made out of human spinal fluid. This kind of stuff happens every day.

Trailer: Daytime Emmy Nominated Director Brings You "Don't Fall Asleep"

Today might be the biggest day in movie history my friends. Today we finally get to see the preview for "Don't Fall Asleep". Why is this so big? Well anyone who hasn't been living under a rock knows that "Don't Fall Asleep" is the latest film from Emmy nominated director Brent Roske. And by Emmy nominated I mean daytime Emmy. To be more specific Outstanding Achievement in Video Content for Non-Traditional Delivery Platforms nominated. The only way I could be more excited was if I had any idea what the hell that actually meant.

Video: Danny Glover Kicking It Old School

The 90's, a time of wonder and mystery. Grunge was king, flannel was hip and Danny Glover was America's dance king. Don't remember that last one? Well take a look at the video below which recently surfaced from the archives. In it you'll see Sir Gloves-Alot kicking it old school along with his stable of Predator hoes on the set of "Predator 2". I don't know why it took so long for this to come out but I hope there's more. In fact I hope we'll see a rap battle between Glover, Mel Gibson and Joe Pesci from the set of "Lethal Weapon 3" sometime soon.

Trailer: New Comedy Central Series "Ugly Americans"

One time I was on the subway and saw a guy bleeding from the face while eating an entire carton of chunky monkey. It was awful and amazing at the same time. So it goes without saying the last thing NYC needs is a bunch of freakin' zombies and demons wandering around with all the other whack jobs. But that didn't stop the makers of the new Comedy Central cartoon "Ugly Americans" from throwing the idea out there for your enjoyment.

Trailer: From The Woods Of Ohio Comes "The Legend Of Grassman"

Ever wonder what the find people of Ohio call their local Yeti? Me either! But apparently it's the Grassman. Want more info? Didn't think so! But the film "The Legend of Grassman" plans to blow your mind with a tale of terror and wonder in the Buckeye state. I have no idea what a buckeye is either.

The film follows a group of bigfoot hunters as they try to track down the Grassman. They eventually find and trap him and all ends well. Alright I lied everything goes to crap and people end up losing their limbs. It's a good time had by all.

Trailer: Neil Marshall Brings You "Centurion"

Apparently Neil Marshall still owns all the costumes he used in the Malcolm McDowell Medieval fortress scenes of "Doomsday", because it looks like he decided to make an entire movie based around them.

"Centurion" stars Michael Fassbender as Quintus Dias, the lone survivor of the Ninth Legion, an army of 3,000 Roman soldiers who battled the Picts a long long time ago. At this point I'm so confused by the names in this movie that I'll just leave it at that and you can check out the trailer below. I will say though that if you liked "300", this one should be around 2,700 times better.

Video: "Death Star" Laser Kills Mosquitos!

Being a nerd myself I know there are a few things you can pretty much assume about any standard geek. We love anything to do with "Star Wars" and we love watching crap get blown up. For example the video below which I've now watched a total of 37 times. It's of a mosquito being shot down by a laser gun being called the "Death Star". Holy kick ass batman.

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