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Trailer: New Teaser For "Predators"

"Predators" doesn't come out till July but today we get to rest our peepers on the new teaser for the film today. There's not much in the way of actually getting to see some Predator action but if you're a fan of Adrien Brody's face this might be the best Friday of your life.

The film is appears to be a lot closer to the original 1987 Arnold Schwarzenegger classic rather than continuing on from where the sequel left off. A group of soldiers are hunted by a group of Predators in the woods. Sound familiar? Well this time they're on another planet! Home advantage taken away mutha trucka!

Trailer: Look Out, It's "Muckman"!

I'm a sucker for horror movies that look like they're just porn films with all the sex cut out. What can I say, I'm only human. "Muckman" seems to be just such a film. Rubber suits, terrible CGI and women wrestling in a pond for no apparent reason. These are only three of the reasons I plan on giving this movie a chance.

The story is simple. A TV crew searches the woods for the fabled Muckman and have some seriously shitty results when they find him. But I got a sneaky suspicion that there's more the Muckman then meets the eye. Could he have a heart? I can't wait to find out!

Video: First Look At "Priest"

A short segment on Entertainment Tonight aired recently showing off the latest comic book adaptation flick "Priest". Based on the TokyoPop comic the film follows a priest who goes against the church in order to track down the vampire horde that kidnapped his brother. Paul Bettany from "Legion" and a bunch of other movies you probably didn't like plays the lead role along with Stephen Moyer from "True Blood" fame.

Trailer: "Harpoon: Reykjavik Whale Watching Massacre" Gets New Title and Trailer

Between the whole Seaworld fiasco and the new teaser trailer for "Harpoon: Reykjavik Whale Watching Massacre", the orca's good name is really being dragged through the mud lately.

The Icelandic film industry’s first ever bona fide foray into in-your-face exploitation horror movie territory, "Harpoon: The Reykjavik Whale Watching Massacre" is a blackly comic and supremely gory affair that has led David Hayles of The Times to claim, “it’s tourists versus deranged whalers in this fright flick that’ll make you scream and blubber."

Trailer: "Wake" Hits South by Southwest

Let this be a lesson to you fellas, if you think you can drive the entire night don't ever let your wife try to convince you otherwise. Because if you let her win that argument you'll end up at some creepy motel with all kinds of messed up crap going on around you. This is what I learned from the trailer for "Wake" which showed this past weekend at South by Southwest.

On the Next Podcast: "Blood Creek"

This week we take on the Joel Schumacher flick "Blood Creek". The much hyped film revolves around two brothers who are trying to find answers about the mysterious history of their family dating back to the Third Reich. What they find is ties to the occult and the Nazi's plan to find the secret to eternal life. Sounds spooky, huh?

You can take a look at Todd's review here and check out the trailer below.

Video: New Clip From "The Killer Inside Me"

"The Killer Inside Me" has apparently caused quite a shit storm over its intense brutality and all around good times overseas. Lucky for us Americans today we get to see a clip from the much anticipated Michael Winterbottom flick. A clip of three guys riding in a car talking about something completely out of context that confuses the hell out of me. But still it's got Casey Affleck in it and that guy's a dream boat.

"Antichrist" Now Streaming On Netflix

Rejoice fine people, you can now see Willem Dafoe's bare ass without having to leave the comfort of your own home. In other words "Antichrist" is now streaming on Netflix. And based on John's review this week it's worth a view.

A Look Back At Corey Haim

So by now we've all heard the news about Mr. Corey Haim passing away this morning. An autopsy will be done but I think we've all pretty much figuring it's got something to do with a drug overdose.

Trailer: New Restricted "Repo Men" Preview

If you're still on the fence about "Repo Men" then take a gander at the new restricted trailer below. In the past all the clips from the film have been fairly serious but this new one makes the film look down right fun, even whimsical. Alright that might be pushing it because you still see people's insides getting ripped out but take a look and you'll see what I mean.

"Repo Men" hits theaters March 19th.

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