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Trailer: Expand Your Horizon's With "Big Tits Zombie 3D"

Sometimes a film comes along and makes you sit up and take notice. A film that redefines the way we watch movies. A movie so brilliant and beautiful that you get a little misty just thinking about it. After watching the trailer for "Big Tits Zombie 3D" I'm going to officially remove Japan from ever being eligible to make such a film. I know it's wrong to disqualify an entire country based on one movie, but take a look at the trailer below and try to tell me I'm wrong.

On The Next Podcast: "Deadgirl"

This week the gang heads off to a weekend long couples counseling session so we decided to finally post the much talked about "Deadgirl" episode which was recorded about two months back.

Trailer: "H1N1: VIRUS X"

Now I'm no scientist (insert ICP joke here) but I'm pretty sure the swine flu hasn't turned anyone into a flesh eating zombie. Of course a movie about a bunch of people locked in a holding tank just coughing a lot probably wouldn't make a very good horror movie. So I'll let the makes of "H1N1: VIRUS X" slide on that one.

A thriller about a case of highly contagious swine flu virus engineered by rogue scientists. A cover up by a mysterious dark lady linked to the High Spheres adds action and mystery.

No release date is set for the film.

Trailer: James Duval Does it Again With "Noirland"

I'll give you this James Duval, you've got a pretty impressive streak going with me hating everything you've ever done. And not to worry James, from the looks of "Noirland" your record is safe.

A catatonic serial killer (James Duval) is put under a deep hypnosis in order to free his last victim, and revive him into coming to terms with the sadistic sexual acts he is responsible for. An amnesiac detective searching for a serial killer, finds out he is the prime suspect. Criminal psychiatrists and psychologists watch and listen to the mysteries unfold.

Trailer: New "Birdemic: Shock and Terror" Trailer and Movie Listings

Not going to lie, when I first saw the trailer for "Birdemic: Shock and Terror" I thought it was a joke. Honestly a month later I'm still not sure it isn't but there's a new trailer and a list of screenings available now so this sucker has gone legit. God help us.

A platoon of eagle & vultures attack the residence of a small town. Many people died. It's not known what caused the flying menace to attack. Two people managed to fight back, but will they survive Birdemic?

Video: New Behind Scenes Footage From "Predators"

We're a month and a half out from seeing Robert Rodriguez and director Nimrod Antal's new "Predators" flick and it’s about time the studios started to go nuts with promo footage. So Fox Germany has come to our aid by releasing a brand spanking new behind the scenes clip from the film's set. In it Rodriguez and Antal get all misty over their love for the original "Predator" films and their nerves around doing a reboot. It’s also got German subtitles in case you wanted to brush up on your Deutsch.

"Predators" hits theaters on July 9th.

On The Next Podcast: "The Black Waters of Echo's Pond"

This week we'll be heading out to the theaters to check out "The Black Waters of Echo's Pond". I'm excited about this based solely on the movie's creepy-ass poster and my love for all things pond related. I refuse to even read what the movie is about but if you're interested here's some info.

Online Game Based On "Tremors"

Do you like fun? Sure, we all do! And the good people over at like fun too. Proof can be found with their new online game "Tremerz". In it you run around avoiding giant worms and collecting people to join your posse. All this bears a striking resemblance to everyone's favorite Kevin Bacon killer worm flick "Tremors". Click here to give it a spin for yourself.

Trailer: First Look At "Death and Cremation"

I'll give it to the creators of "Death and Cremation". They have truly come up with a completely original idea. Get this, Stan is a local fella who offers cremation services out of his basement at rock bottom prices. On the side Stan also takes it upon himself to remove what he calls "social bullies" from society and burn them up. Where does Hollywood come up with this stuff? I love it! Only thing I would do is change the name Stan, it's too boring. Maybe something catchy like, Dexter or something. Right on!

Trailer: "The Human Centipede (First Sequence)", Enough Said

If you're not familiar with the upcoming film "The Human Centipede (First Sequence)" then you're in for one hell of a Monday morning. In short the movie revolves around a mad doctor who is obsessed with the idea of creating a living human centipede by sowing peoples mouths to other peoples asses. Take a sip of your coffee and think about that for a few seconds. Did you just throw up? If not then you're a sicko too.

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