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The Makers of "Alone" Need Your Help

If it wasn't for the cost I would have made the most amazing horror film by now, probably a sequel too. There would be giant monsters, porn stars, tons of blood and porn stars. It would be amazing. People would line up around the block to see my movie and when the MPAA tries to shut it down people would riot and the apocalypse would come. It would be awesome. Luckily for the world I'm too lazy to raise the funds.

On the Next Podcast: "Class of Nuke 'Em High"

This week we crack open the Netflix instant watch queue and partake in the 1986 Troma classic "Class of Nuke 'Em High". We examine the film's dramatic storytelling, its impeccable lighting and Oscar worthy acting. Alright honestly we're just watching it to ruin Jon's weekend. We're a bunch of assholes.

It's "Dexter vs. Jason vs. Hack/Slash"!

I'm not really big on comic books or reading in general but consider me sold on this one folks. "Dexter vs. Jason vs. Hack/Slash" might be one of the greatest thing ever imagined. Alright truth be told I have no idea who or what Hack/Slash is so I'd rather see a "Dexter vs. Jason vs. A Freaky Ass Porn Star" but I can't imagine that will ever happen.

Video: New "Mortal Kombat" Reboot Footage

Remember those fun Mortal Kombat movies back in the 90's with all the fun kick flipping and super fun karate moves? Well those days are gone my friends, and now it's time for reptile babies and sword-armed men. Don't you just love progress? The eight minute clip below is of the new and exciting "Mortal Kombat" movie which is being called a reboot to the franchise.

The film isn't set for a release until 2013 but so far so good. You're a big boy now anyway, you can take it.

Video: New Clip From The Killer Tire Movie "Rubber"

There's been a lot of internet buzz around the film "Rubber". Mostly because it's a movie about a tire that kills people and that's something everyone can get behind. A tire... that kills people. It even has a name, Robert. And Robert hates you and anyone else who comes in contact with him. Take a look at the new clip below and look for "Rubber" on VOD sometime in the near future.

"REC] 2" Now Avilable On VOD

For those of you who hate the English language and America in general you can now stream "[Rec] 2" on VOD, Xbox Marketplace, Playstation Network, VUDU and Amazon. Your options are limitless really. Unless you have Netflix, the Spanish hate Netflix.

Video: Kids are the Tools of Satan... FACT

West African nutjob Helen Ukpabio has it all figured out my friends. If a child under the age of two screams in the night then that child is obviously under the control of Satan. That's simple science folks, you can look it up. Well with so many people out there not knowing this obvious fact she takes to the intertubes with a series of films showing the effects of these little hell-born bastards. What you see below is a 9 minute video that lays it all out for you. There's all kinds of zombies, demons and at one point something that looks like cart food. So I guess it isn't all bad.

Trailer: New "Resident Evil: Afterlife" Teaser

Holy crap the new Matrix movie looks awesome! Oh wait never mind this is "Resident Evil: Afterlife". My mistake. Despite the tired slow motion shots with dramatic metal played over them this still looks like fun. And it's very much in 3D. As is the new teaser which you can view below. And so is the image that goes along with this blog. So is the blog actually. So is the entire site! Just put on your special Bloody Good Horror 3D glasses and get ready to have your mind blown. You don't have your special Bloody Good Horror 3D glasses? Well looks like you're SOL then.

On the Next Podcast: "The Substitue"

This week we take a trip to sunny Denmark to check out "The Substitute", or "Vikaren" as they like to call it.

6th Grade gets a new substitute teacher. She wants to train the class for an international competition in Paris. But something isn't right. How is she able read kids' minds? Why is she so mean? And how does she manage to convince everyone's parents she is so great when the whole class knows she is really an alien?

Video: Dr. Who Theme Done With Tesla Coils

You nerds sure know how to party! Get a couple of giant Tesla coils, a guy in a metal suit and rock out. Just like the group Arc Attack does when they want to cut loose. And what tune do you play when you've got a setup like this? The Dr. Who theme of course! Check out the video below of their recent performance at the Bay Area Maker Faire and try not to hurt yourself.

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