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Posters: Help bring "Behind the Mask" to a theater near you!

There's some amazing indie movies out there, and it's a shame that they don't get the exposure they deserve. Even if they are lucky enough to get a theater release, it's usually located too far for the majority of the fans to go & see it. A good movie deserves to be seen in all its glory on the big screen!

Trailer: "Survivor Girl" - A Terrorscribe Mafia Film

Babes. Blood. All the things you’d expect from a slasher film – and maybe some things you aren’t.

The OMG AR15 Unicorn Zombie Gun, yup...

If I may be serious, for a moment. As your Connoisseur of Crap, I happily bring you the best of the worst from across the internet. However, here at BGH, it's not all about fun and games - we're preparing ourselves and our readers for the inevitable zombie Apocalypse, and we take our role as teachers very seriously.

The Countdown to Valentine's Day, T-minus 5 days: Handmade Felt Zombie Candies

Don't worry folks, your Connoisseur of Crap is still here, counting down to this dreaded holiday with you.I know what you've been thinking: "Erin, these gifts are great and all, but how about something a little more homemade?" I totally got'cha! Homemade items come from the heart, and posses way more sentimental value, thus sending your chances at a mattress mambo through the roof! But I also understand it can't be homemade by us, because writing her name in glue and covering it with glitter is about as creative as we get.

The Countdown to Valentine's Day, T-minus 7 days: My Zombie Valentine

Hello internet people! Your Doctors of Love are back with another slam-dunk to nookie this Valentine's Day, especially for the little lady book worm in your life. Imagine it now: Both of you, wrapped up in a Snuggie by the fire, sharing some champagne and zombie love stories. The mood just sets itself, doesn't it?

Trailer: My Bloody Valentine 3D

It just wouldn't be Valentine's Day with a mass murder, now would it? I could say I choose this version, and not the Canadian original from 1981, because I thought it was one of the few decent remakes out there. Or I could say I choose it because because it's one of the few films that used its 3D for all it's worth, making everything from pickaxes to body parts come flying at you, or because director Patrick Lussier uses some great depth-of-field illusions, giving what I think is the best shot of an emptied chest cavity ever.

The Countdown to Valentine's Day, T-minus 8 days: Zombie Head Chocolate!

If there's one thing we here at BGH know, it's how to woo the opposite sex. We're lovers, not fighters. We're also helpers, and we're to help YOU get past this stupid Hallmark Holiday without pissing off your mate. Each day until Valentine's Day, we'll bring you an offering that he or she should LOVE, and keep you off the couch. And if they hate it - dump them, they're not your type.

Zombie Love: Your Guide to Undead Romance

We here at Bloody Good Horror understand how hard the dating scene can be. Even without all monetary & time constraints, there's still the fact that women can be downright crazy & men have the market cornered on ignorance. What IS a single human to do?

Trailers: "KIller Cup" has sequels...

What do you think of when you hear the words "French", "Murder"and "cup"? I know, I totally thought the same thing too - a Killer Cup!! Yes, your Connoisseur of Crap has found another delightful gem, straight from the bowels of the internet.

Video Games: Mortal Kombat's Freddy Krueger Fatality in action!

Some time ago back in August, we announced you would have the ability to play as Freddy Krueger in the latest Mortal Kombat game via DLC. If you haven't picked it up on XBL or PSN for the meager sum of $5, perhaps seeing this Fatality will change your mind?

To perform this awesome move, on the XB version, hit Down, Up, Forward, Back, RT when in sweeping distance (on the PS3 version, it's: Down, Up, Forward, Back, R2 when in sweeping distance ).

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