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My Bloody Valentine Scoop!

So over the last few days I've been interviewing people involved with Lions Gate's "My Bloody Valentine 3D" remake, for issue #14 of Horror Hound Magazine.

In doing so, I came across some time sensitive tidbits that I've been given permission to talk about now. Of course, there will be lots more in-depth information when my article finally hits the news stands, so don't forget to pick it up when it comes out! (Horror Hound is available at the site linked above, as well as most major bookstores in the US)

Fringe 1.01

As mentioned today by both Casey and John Shelton, BGH is going to assault the horror TV landscape with writeups of each episode of almost all of the Horror themed shows on the tube this fall. Moreso than just to get our opinion out, this will give you guys a place to speak your minds on each episode the next day, hopefully making us the place to visit for your internet related water cooler chat in the process.

No show this week...

Hey guys, unfortunately we had some technical difficulties this weekend so the "Basket Case" show is postponed a week. That gives you a few more days to check it out before we get our go at it.

In the wake of the cancellation, we've made a calender planning shows out for the next 3 months, so this should eliminate confusion and relying on Netflix for the future. So hopefully we should have a few solid months ahead of us without any interruptions.

Help me out with some Horror quotes!

Hey guys, need your help here.

I've been putting quotes from different horror films at the top of every podcast episode. At first I was taking them from my DVD collection, but that became time consuming and staring at all my discs made it really hard to make any sort of decision.

Dexter Contest Notes

Hey duders... I appreciate your patience as I get back into the flow of things after returning from vacation yesterday. The site was fairly dormant today but we'll be kicking things back into gear as the week goes along. Sorry to be depriving you of your BGHorror goodness.

Birthday Wishes From Uwe Boll

After sending out our Birthday Press Release on Monday, we got the following response back from the seminal director of our generation, Mr. Uwe Boll:

bloodygoodhorror is a solid and interesting webside with a lot of crazy guys working on it all the best and happy celebration

Birthday Press Release!

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE... Bloody Good Horror is turning 1! To mark the occasion, we've put together this press release that we will be sending out all week. Here it is for your viewing pleasure. If you know anyone you think would have an interest in it, please feel free to send it along. Every little bit helps!

Download the press release! (Right Click and choose "Save As")

Repo: A Genetic Opera Clip, more confused than ever

I'm generally pretty intrigued by Darren Lynn Bousman's "Repo: A Genetic Opera", his musical horror tale of a future where human organ re-possessors wreak havoc on the drug addicted masses. Any guy that can cast Bill Moseley and Paris Hilton in the same film certainly has my attention.

For Lions Gate's part, they seem very conflicted on the film (probably due to the change in leadership over there, as we've discussed on the show) and it's looking increasingly likely that it will go severely limited and then straight to DVD shelves.

Capsule Reviews: Friday the 13th(s)

I'm in a bit of a bind loyal readers. I literally have over 200 reviews from the old site that I would love to post here. The problem? Well to say my writing during the last life of the site was "bad", is like saying that this is terrifying (ie, an understatement).

Friendly Reminders For August

Hey guys, just a few reminders about things currently going on in and around the site.

- If you haven't already, make sure to add us as a friend on Myspace. We're almost up to 1,000 friends on there, so help us reach our goal!

- Don't forget to download any old podcast episodes that you may want to listen too. Each time I upload one from now on, I have to take one offline, so get 'em while they're hot!

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