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Scream 4 Rumors, Craven to Return?

Bloody Disgusting is indulging themselves in some "Scream 4" rumors, so I figured I would help spread the wild, unattributed assertions across the interwebs.

In all fairness, they do state that they have inside sources that can't be mentioned at this point. Anyways, here are their bullet points:

Happy N... End of The World?

Well... hanging out with myself this New Years Eve and figured there wasn't a better video to ring in the New Year than this one.

I posted this on my Twitter a few days back so some of you (the cool ones anyways) may have already seen this.

Needless to say, this is in no way helping my building hysteria over possible doomsday scenarios in 2012. As I said the first time I posted this... What a way to go, eh?

The Black Hole (1978)

I caught the last half of Disney's "The Black Hole" while hiding under a blanket on the couch yesterday. According to Casey, were I not one of those "damn kids these days", I would have seen this when I was younger.

I didn't though, and what I saw of it yesterday had me really fascinated. It's an FX heavy, quirky little scifi film that is apparently very well known. The best part of the whole thing are the two wacky little robots, who for some reason have googly eyes. Picture evidence of this below:

Gremlins Take on The Classics

Remember the time I said that Thundercats trailer was the best fan made thing I've ever seen? Ya, I lied. This video is, which features Gremlins inserting themselves into a handful of classic films. I'm completely blown away by this.

In all fairness, the guy who did this is a special FX artist... but still, this thing really raises the bar. Any internet video that can get me to watch for 7 full minutes must really be something.

Fan Trailer for Hypothetical Thundercats!

This video = Officially the greatest thing I've ever seen.

This is what happens when some fans of the 80's cartoon "Thundercats", take endless hours of free time and combine it with their shockingly impressive special effects prowess to make a fan trailer. The kicker is that they cast Brad Pitt, Vin Diesel and Hugh Jackman, and used scenes from their respective films (with digital manipulation) to accurately depict them as Thundercats. That's all I'm going to say... you must watch this, now.

Who Are Those Sexy Guys?

We've officially been added as guests for Horror Hound Weekend, March 2009. Feast your eyes on the Bloody Good Horror Podcast crew above. Have you ever seen such levels of manly sexiness? Through some fancy photoshop work, the Horror Hound guys have also managed to make us look like Casey's our pimp... or as he likes to call it, "tard wrangler". Also of note, we're like 7 cells away from Corey Haim! I think that makes us almost washed up... right?

Christmas Horror Movies

I thought I would take the next 2 weeks to explore some Christmas horror movies I've seen, as well as discover some I've yet to torture myself with.

Christmas horror is an odd thing. It's oddly intriguing to me, and yet it is so often terribly, terribly bad. Even when it's bad though, there's a certain kitsch about most Christmas themed horror films that you're bound to get at least some excitement out of them. So, let's do it up here with some trailers.


A Mess of Buckethead Videos

Alright I'm on a bit of a music related video kick here... bear with me.

Metallica - All Nightmare Long

Sorry I've been absent on the blog front lately guys. I've had a lot of other site related work to do and figured I had a fine group of folks posting here in my stead. Either way, I wanted to post this piece of video in case you hadn't seen it yet.

Repo! Tour Dates

Darren Lynn Bousman's film "Repo! A Genetic Opera" opened on a limited basis this past Friday, November 7th. Starting tomorrow, Monday the 10th, Bousman is personally going on a 7-cities-in-7-nights bus tour with Repo!, and putting on a show that promises to be a wild time.

Click to expand the image above to check out the cities it's currently playing in, as well as the dates and locations for the bus tour. Not sure what I'm talking about? Below you can check the trailer for "Repo!"

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