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Black Devil Doll Premieres!

We did some coverage on this film over a year ago, when it had just completed filming and we interviewed Producer Shawn Lewis, who also happens to be the head guy over at Rotten Cotton, one of the premiere Horror T-shirt distributors around.

Vinyan Trailer, DVD Date

It occurred to me recently that I haven't been talking about this film "Vinyan" on the site very much, and so this post is an attempt to rectify that.

Here's the official synopsis:

Nightmare on Elm St. Reality Series?

You leave Jessica Simpson alone!

Here's a Former Executive VP at New Line Cinema, on a reality show they were producing circa 2004, hosted by Robert Englund (sans Freddy makeup):

Twitter Loves Friday the 13th

I happened to be doing a live subject search on Twitter this morning when I discovered there was an advanced screening of Platinum Dunes' "Friday the 13th" remake in LA last night, and a select group of people were able to check out the horror flick 2 weeks early. I used my sexy Photoshop skills to fashion the graphic above from their various Tweets about the proceedings. Looks pretty damned good to me!

James Gunn's PG Porn: Roadside Ass-Istance

I'm not going to lie, I wasn't totally sold on James Gunn's PG Porn after the first entry, but this new one entitled "Roadside Ass-istance" is much more something I can get behind.

New Friday the 13th Part 1 DVD: Worth it?

If you've been hanging out recently you probably saw Casey's review of the new "Friday the 13th" special edition DVD's for parts 1 through 3. Since we posted that, there's been a lot of chatter as to whether or not these new iterations of the first three chapters in the series are worth the double dip. To say that Paramount, the company responsible for the first 8 films, has a sketchy record when it comes to releasing them onto DVD would be an understatement.

Zombies Ahead?!?

Here's one more gem for you on this Friday. Quick, What would be the first thing to run through your head if you saw this on the road? Here's mine:

Oh shit, I'm going to be late for work!

Via I-Hacked, complete with instructions on how to do it!

Trailer Park up for Streamy

Site user Prisoner Abel asked us to post some info on his friend's short film... so here it goes! (PS - Make sure to scroll down to watch it, I just did and old school NES fans will definitely get a kick out of it. Stick around for the claymation!)

My buddy Thomas Seymour is up for consideration for a new Web Award called The Streamys. He and the rest of the folks over at put a lot of hard work into their shows so it would be nice to see them get some recognition.

Fright Rags on 30 Rock!

Good friend and awesome horror T-shirt maker Ben from Fright Rags emailed this morning to give us some great news, that last night one of his shirts made it onto the NBC hit show "30 Rock!"

Thomas Jane at Horror Hound Weekend!

I just happened to be perusing when I saw this huge announcement, that none other than Thomas Jane will be attending March's event in Indianapolis! Jane was the star in the first reboot of "The Punisher" franchise, as well as last year's hit "The Mist". He's renowned for being a huge comic fanboy, and friend to nerds the world over.

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