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Trailers: "Insidious Chapter 2"

Director James Wan invites you to tip toe through the tulips once more (before he heads off to direct the next installment of the "Fast and the Furious" franchise).

See the new trailer here.

"Insidious Chapter 2" opens September 13th.

Horror Comics: Marvel Studios regains Ghost Rider, Blade

In a recent Entertainment Weekly article (focused on Phase Two of Marvel's intertwined movie series), Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige casually dropped that the rights for two classic Marvel comics horror icons had reverted back to them. Ghost Rider, fresh off a flop of a sequel starring Nicolas Cage, was let go from Sony (who has a vice grip on the Spider-man film rights) due to lack on interest, and Blade was released from New Line Cinema (presumably because it was seen as a franchise that had run its course).

Horror Comics: Deadpool 1-6

Deadpool 1-6, (“Dead Presidents” story arc)
Written by: Brian Posehn and Gerry Duggan
Drawn by: Tony Moore
Publisher: Marvel

Deadpool has a storied past as a character in the vast Marvel comics universe. Created by Rob Liefeld during the artist boom of the early 1990’s, Deadpool was introduced as a villain, but by the late 90’s had shifted into the role of an anti hero. Since then, Deadpool has evolved into a quiet satire of the popularity of such anti heroes in comics, cracking jokes and regularly breaking the fourth wall to comment directly to the readers (Ferris Bueller style).

Book Review: Too Much Horror Business

Too Much Horror Business

Authors: Kirk Hammett with Steffan Chirazi
Publisher: Abrams Image

There are a lot of coffee table books focusing on movie memorabilia, toys, and the like, but rarely do they zero in on the collection of a single person. "Too Much Horror Business" does just that, by showcasing the truly impressive genre film collectables of Kirk Hammett, the lead guitarist for Metallica.

Book Review: Mars Attacks by the Topps Company

Mars Attacks
Publisher: Abrams ComicArts

"The Martian leaders voted and decided that Mars would have to attack the Earth."

IDW is in effect re-launching the Mars Attacks saga in 2013 with a series of one shots featuring everyone’s favorite sadistic aliens battling classic comic characters (Popeye), robots (the Transformers), iconic 70’s rockers (Kiss), and even the Ghostbusters. The best way to be up to speed before entering the fray is to read this impressive hardcover from Abrams ComicArts collecting all 66 of the original trading cards from the classic 1962 run from Topps.

Horror Comics: The Wolverton Bible

The Wolverton Bible
Writer and Artist: Basil Wolverton
Publisher: Fantagraphics Books

Basil Wolverton is a legend of classic comics, working for Mad Magazine (along with some of their imitators, such as Cracked), Marvel comics, and various pre-code horror comics (to include "Gateway to Horror" and "They Crawl by Night").

What many readers that grew up with Wolverton's work in the 40's and 50's may not have known is that despite his twisted sense of humor and talent for drawing the macabre, he was also a devout Christian.

RIP Joe Kubert

Prolific comic book artist Joe Kubert passed away over the weekend. Among the last of the talent from the comic book industry’s Golden Age (his work stretches from the 1930's to the present), Kubert was well known and admired not just for his work, but for founding the Kubert School of cartooning and graphic design in New Jersey, which has groomed upcoming comic artists since the 1970’s.

Horror Comics: "White Devil" #1

White Devil #1
Writers: Matt Evans, Andrew Helinski
Artist: Nate Burns
Publisher: Self published

With the recent movie hit ‘Magic Mike’ and the literary sensation ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ series, newcomers Matt Evans and Andrew Helinski (along with artist Nate Burns) give us a timely play on the bored housewife trope that seems to be sweeping the nation.

Judy is said bored housewife, who lives with her unremarkable nuclear family in a sleepy backwoods Alabama town. Although she is more or less happy, and has little excuse to feel depressed, she is nonetheless empty and unfulfilled.

Horror Comics: "Creepy Presents Bernie Wrightson"

Creepy Presents Bernie Wrightson
Artist: Bernie Wrightson
Writers: Bernie Wrightson, various
Publisher: Dark Horse Books

Any horror fan worth a damn has seen Bernie Wrightson’s work. Wrightson is perhaps best known for co-creating Swamp Thing, but even if you’re not a comic book reader, you’ve likely come across his illustrations in Stephen King’s “Cycle of the Werewolf”, “The Wolves of Calla”, and in the restored edition of “The Stand”. Wrightson’s meticulous and loving illustrated edition of “Frankenstein” is a must-have for any follower of the genre.

Horror Comics: "Zombie Terrors"

“Zombie Terrors” #1, May 2012
Writers: Frank Forte ”Beheaded”, Royal McGraw “Feast”, Doug Williams “Hate”
Artists: Frank Forte “Beheaded”, Adauto Silva “Feast”, Doug Williams “Hate”
Publisher: Asylum Press

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