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The latest theatrical trailer for the first person POV "Quarantine"

The theatrical trailer for "Quarantine" is haunting me. It keeps popping up as if to mock me. In my never ending quest to hate on all remakes without question (and be cynical in general), I MUST have negative feelings for this remake of "[REC]". There's also that whole first person zombie debacle that shall remain nameless. It may have soured me forever! Here's my "Quarantine" problem, I can't find a valid reason to hate it!

I'm Christine, and this is my introduction

Greetings all, I'm Christine! I think it goes without saying that I'm the new kid on the block (no Donnie Wahlberg jokes please). I've never really been all that great at formal introductions. I tend to focus on the things no one really cares about, like my animal allergies... I'll give it the old college try.

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