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Midnight Meat Train in NYC

I know there is a handful of folks in the New York area 'round these parts... I just happened upon the site for the Sunshine Cinema in search of fun and frivolity, and I saw that "Midnight Meat Train" is screening Friday and Saturday night. So here is our chance to catch it on the big screen at an amazing theater.

Burn Notice Anyone?

Bruce Campbell is a genre god. You really can't argue that. I mean, you can, but you'll loose.

I started watching Burn Notice on hulu a few days ago and I am hooked. Part of the reason is because it's an addictive and somewhat mindless romp that's part MacGyver, part Dexter, a dash of Nip/Tuck and a sprinkle of Hart to Hart. It's sooooo good in a predictable way. Let's talk about Bruce!

Monstrous Nature (a werewolf film)

I just posted about this film over at my magazine's blog, but I wanted to share it with everyone here as well. A very talented film maker and friend of mine, Jason Cuadrado, is putting the finishing touches on what promises to be one hell of a flick.

"Monstrous Nature" is the story of "a nun who gets kidnapped and wakes up in the deep woods handcuffed to a disturbed man. He makes his plans for her known by the light of the full moon, which tests her faith as well as her nerve."

Can we please talk about Bitch Slap?

I'm beyond intrigued. I have now become feverish. I have to see this film.

Bitch Slap

Heroes Season 3

Bring it!

I know people took issue with season 2, but I enjoyed it. I am pumped for new episodes!

Monster-Mania 11 recap

I disappeared these last few days. Monster-Mania devoured my soul. You can visit my magazine's blog to see some pictures. Let me just say, it was a long, hard weekend.

Click for pics !

I've been excited about a Wonder Woman movie

It seems as of late comic book movies are unstoppable. From mainstream favorites like Batman to the more cultish Watchmen, everyone seems to be getting their moment on the big screen. Why not Wonder Woman?

This list, entitled "10 Reasons No One Cares About Wonder Woman", infuriated me. Then I actually read it. It's pretty dead on. I mean, I thought I wanted more Wonder Woman, but this list makes some valid points.

30 Terrible Sci-fi Choices

Yahoo users must be idiots. I just had to share my disgust, rage, exasperation and general distaste for this list.
30 Top-rated Sci-fi Films? I think not! Click through and join my rant. I just want to know where "Total Recall" is.

"F@*K DC" - Robert Downey Jr.

I found this interview and these quotes particularly hilarious. Robert Downey Jr. apparently feels the need to assert his loyalty to the Marvel franchise whilst discussing an "Iron Man" sequel.

"Bitch Slap" and a "Grindhouse" Rehash

As I lazily surfed the interweb today I happened across a film called "Bitch Slap". This is the first I'm hearing of it. What caught my eye was, aside from the goofy title, the tight poster art. Click to view more pics etc.

Is it possible that this film could successfully pay homage to exploitation genre? I'm sad to say my hopes aren't too high. A good exploitation film seems like a simple formula. I suppose for the most part it is. I also think it's super easy to screw up.

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