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Twilight, with puppets...

It's kinda amusing. That Paramore song playing throughout is pretty aggravating though.

A Potentially Inflammatory Look at "P2"

I remember way back in 2007 when "P2" was released. Oh, it feels like only yesterday... I can recall a vague feeling of 'blah'. Blah: another "thriller". Blah: another psychopath stalking some dumb broad. Blah: a weak plot, forced nudity and subpar action. Then I let it slip from my mind. "P2"? Isn't that a stupid faux slasher in a garage? For some reason I decided to "watch it now" (bless the 360). My tune has dramatically changed.

Vampires: Thoughts, fears and soul searching.

I remember when "30 Days of Night" hit theaters. I remember wanting to see it. Well I recently saw it... I'd say it was the catalyst for my confusion. I suppose you could say I once had a soft spot for vampires. At least I think I did. I may hate them now.

Awesome Things On Etsy #5

I haven't posted anything awesome in a while. That's because 1) I haven't been able to find anything, well, awesome and 2) I can't seem to pull myself away from my Angel box set (just figured I'd give you some insight into my life). SO! Without further ado, I give you
knitted Ash.

The Wicker Man: Best Soundtrack ...ever?

I think my genre fan card would get revoked if I didn't mention John Carpenter when speaking of film soundtracks. Or the ever popular "Suspiria" for that matter. For me at least, the aforementioned define film scores. For many people, the music that accompanies a film has a tremendous impact on the whole 'product'. My new favorite product is "The Wicker Man" .

Call of Duty 5 has Nazi Zombies?

Yeah it does!

Call of Duty World at War comes out this Tuesday (11/11). Number 4 is played quite obsessively in my house. Not by me, but I basically have every map memorized. Eh, they can't all be Lego Batman...

"The mode, which is unlocked by finishing the fifth Call of Duty game releasing November 11, plays like the Horde Mode of Epic's Gears of War 2, but with undead Nazis in the place of more monstrous Locust."

Midnight Movie (2008)

So "Midnight Movie" opens in my neck of the woods (at the Village East Cinema to be precise) on November 7th. It's getting a super limited theatrical run. That really makes me want to see it. One problem, I think it looks dumb. Does it look dumb to anyone else?

Are You Afraid Of the Dark?

Oh how I loved Nickelodeon's "Are You Afraid of the Dark?"! This topic was recently brought up in one of the other internet circles I run in. I was surprised at the amount of enthusiasm it elicited from me. This was a fabulous program.

Awesome Things On Etsy #4

Who here loves Lovecraft?! I do! I DO! What's that you say? You do also? Then you'll love this, the 4th installment, of Awesome Things On Etsy.

This week brings us an adorable onesie adorned with the legendary (and ultra hip) Cthulhu. Who is Cthulhu you ask? Well, "Cthulhu is a monstrous entity who lies 'dead but dreaming' in the city of R'lyeh, a place of non-Euclidean madness presently (and mercifully) sunken below the depths of the Pacific Ocean." On this onesie he is a lil baby! Awww...

JJ Abrams Star Trek

I haven't heard much mention of the "Star Trek" remake/reboot/re imagining/whatev around these parts. Are we not nerdy enough??

I came upon a piece of internet journalism. I thought it had some good info, so here it is . The new "Trek" is being likened to "Galaxy Quest", which makes me more interested. That's a great movie! Also, side note, I love Simon Pegg.

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