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The Original "Paranormal Activity" ending

Be advised. I talk about the ending of Paranormal Activity in this blog, soooooo SPOILERS!!!!!!!

If you haven't seen the movie, watching the original ending clip probably won't ruin it for you... but it's most likely best not to watch that either unless you have seen the film already.

Now, it was said that Steven Spielberg, upon seeing "Paranormal Activity," thought that the ending needed a bit more umph, and while, the current "Paranormal Activity" ending leaves us on an abrupt "oh no she didn't" moment, I found it satisfying after such a slow build.

Rob Zombie's "Where the Wild Things Are"

It is curious to think what would have become of "Where the Wild Things Are" if Mr. Zombie had gotten a hold of it. He has added much awful to our beloved awesome things and it is going to be interesting in the future to see a "Blob" movie without a big blobby thingy.

All of that aside, G4 put together this little adventure into the "what if's" with a dreadlocked Zombie reading from his version of the beloved children's book. The actual story I found a little silly as the rhyming gets redundant, but the pauses inbetween are what made me laugh the most.

Say "Hello" to Kanye's Little Friend

So, Kanye messed up. He cried about it with Leno, apologized a million times, and has now collaborated with Spike Jonze on a short film called "We were once a Fairytale." Creepy short film/music videos have been tackled by many stars, including the successful 'urban-opera' that turned R. Kelly's career around "Trapped in the Closet" (sarcasm, please).

Have You Ever Dreamt of This Man?

In the world of strange news, a website was brought to my attention called Now, I'm pretty sure no one has actually dreamed of this man before, or if they have it is because his face is fairly generic. It's a creepy website and it has an even creepier youtube video.

No Hope for "Camp Hope"

"Camp Hope," a film about all the fun things that can happen at an indoctrinating Christian summer camp, takes the Jesus thing and makes it angsty. I thought "Jesus Camp" was scary enough, but producer turned writer/director George VanBuskirk thinks he can do it one better by adding Jesse Eisenberg.

"The Canyon" Gets Limited Release

During the Halloween season, the onslaught of horror films are as inevitable as Tony Romo throwing an interception, especially with the recent success of "Paranormal Activity." Usually, more horror makes me happy, but it just doesn't seem fitting that a film set at the Grand Canyon during the summer would be the perfect film for the oncoming winter. Even if it does have ridiculous looking CGI wolves, it has some pretty fancy actors and a great setting for a horror story.

Horror Doc "Cropsey" Searches For Urban Legend

A documentary that has been making the film festival rounds, “Cropsey” tries to uncover the shred of truth behind a local urban legend only to find out there is more truth to the legend than at first believed. The two filmmakers, Joshua Zeman and Barbara Brancaccio, hone in on the local legend of Cropsey, a supposed escaped mental patient who abducted children. By investigating the disappearance of five missing children, they try to follow the descent of truth into myth in their hometown of Staten Island.

"The Beacon" screenings in Texas and LA

All my folks in Texas, "The Beacon", an indie horror film shot at the famously haunted Rogers Hotel, in little ole Waxahachie, Texas will be making the rounds in October.

All screenings start at 7:30 and will playing at the following Studio Movie Grill locations:

Sunday, Oct 25: Houston City Centre (First showing and therefore will be free, show up early!).
Monday, Oct 26: Lewisville
Tuesday, Oct 27: Arlington
Wednesday, Oct 28: Plano
Thursday, Oct 29: Addison (off of Beltline)

First clip from "Splice"

Adrian Brody and Sarah Polley star in the new film "Splice" about two genetic engineers and the creature they create when they splice together human and animal DNA. Written and directed by Vincenzo Natali of "Cube" fame, while the film looks kind of silly, I will totally give it my open mind in hopes it comes close to Cube's compact tension building mind-fuck.

While the creature in the clip looks kind of cute, like a naked mole rat, I can't help thinking they built an entire movie around a clip from an MTV hidden camera show.

Horror Photographer Joshua Hoffine

In becoming a fan of horror films, I have turned a blind eye to any other medium of horror. The last horror novel I read was by R.L. Stine, the closest I get to horror influenced music is Alice Cooper or Rammstein, and I don't seek out horror inspired art, because I have this weird stereotype in my mind that if I did, I would probably have to buy a tapestry and lava lamp to accent it properly.

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