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Clearplay DVD

Times are tough for parents these days. Working 9 to 5, cooking meals, driving the kids to soccer practice... It's so much that the idea of parenting your kids yourself is just to much.

Fear not parents, because Clearplay is here to take those pesky parenting duties away for you!

Linnea Quigley's Horror Workout

Fan Service - a term used to refer to elements in a story that are unnecessary to a storyline and are designed to amuse or excite the audience with sexually-derived content.

Something I've heard of but never seen, "Linnea Quigley's Horror Workout" is a title to that will command attention. But now, I have the video in my greedy little clutches!

And oh my.

This is nothing but a solid hour opportunity for Ms. Quigley to strut about barely clothed. What's funnier? The opening credits? They're all super imposed over her boobs as she soaps them up in the shower.

The Avengers

I'm a long time comic book reader. Sure, I'm sporadic at best these days, but I have a history. Normally, I'm not a big fan of the 'men in tights' flavor of comics; that is to say I generally stayed away from most of the comic book titles. Sure, there was a heavy interest in the X-Men in my past, Batman as well, but over all I was always more of an underground/horror/counter culture type of comic fan. Titles such as "Preacher" and "Transmetropolitan" were more my cup of tea.

Boom Blox

Never before has a video game made my wife and I tell each other "YOU FUCKING SUCK I FUCKING HATE YOU" in such loving and bonding ways.

When word was let loose in 2005 that Stephen Spielberg was going to dive into the video game world, the internet was abuzz with speculation. Slated only for the Wii, there was little info available aside from a few cutesy squarish animals.

Film Geek, by the numbers.

While talking with Eric, head geek here at BGH this weekend I came to realize I may be worse off than I thought as far as film nerdiness goes.

In the spirit of Schnaars and his box, here's some numbers to crunch.

From January 1st to May 19th, I have officially watched 113 movies to date this year.

Of these, 67 were horror movies; 46 Were not.

May has been the slowest month of the year with 11 movies watched.

The Force in the Flesh

I'm an unabashed fan of many nerdy things, including "Star Wars". The thing is, there's always been a line I won't cross. Thankfully for us internet rubberneckers, there are plenty out there that will!

Hence the new book, The Force in the Flesh Star Wars Inspired Body Art by Shane Turgeon.

I sit on you

This is what I do This is what I do This is what I do I sit on you.

Just a reminder that Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! Season 1's out! Insomniacs rejoice!

There he goes, there goes Speed Racer

Speed hit the wall hard this weekend box office wise. Regardless, the daughter and I went and checked out Speed Racer today and I freaking loved it. It's a little slow in the middle, but the over the top antics makes up for it. The kid they got playing Spritle is hilarious. Emile Hirsch as Speed was great, Matthew Fox as Racer X, again great, Mom & Pops, both great. And Trixi. Vroom Vroom.

Midnight Muenster Episode 4


It's remake central this week as Colleen and I dive into cell phone's and vaginas! This week we review the newest Shannon Sossoman horror flick "One Missed Call" and the vagina dentata opus "Teeth".

Questions, comments, suggestions, rejections? Feel free to leave us a voice mail at 206-984-9853, by email at, or in the comments!

Mario Kart Wii

Last week saw the release of many peoples justification for owning a Wii; Mario Kart.

Released on every Nintendo Platform made since the Super NES, Mario Kart as been THE pinnacle of cartoon kart racing. There's hasn't been a whole lot of others mind you, but for what there is, none hold a candle to this little Italian plumber and his lead foot.

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