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The Walking Dead Game Season 2 Reveal This Tuesday!

Many gamers were enthralled last year when Telltale games unleashed their emotional episodic Walking Dead game on the masses. We were all caught up with the weight of our decisions affecting the lives of fellow survivors and who didn't worry a little bit about protecting Clementine from the undead hordes when they went to sleep at night? Telltale teased us a bit with their '400 Days' expansion a few months back, but now it's time to reveal the new season!

Everybody Rocks at Spooooky School!

It's October, that means it's time to to party! Parties need music! October requires spooky music, so let's head to Spooooky School!

I enjoy the heck out of Spotify, primarily for it's play list function. This week, I've put together a collection of tunes that lean heavily towards the land of psychobilly to give you some tunes for your pumpkin ale swilling dance parties. They're toe tappin' and bass slappin'! So put on your finest pomade and poodle skirts, it's time for the Spooky School Prom!

With us for this Spooky School Dance:

Tiger Army!

Bloody Good Horror: The T-Shirt

It's the beginning of October, which means it's time to celebrate! Let's face it; if you're a fan of the Bloody Good Horror Podcast and a regular here at the site, you've been waiting for this month all year. You have your candy already bought, your costume is reaching the final stages and your DVD's are all dusted off and lined up for your 31 day movie marathon. There's one thing you're missing though.

Vote for the BGH Podcast Halloween Special

It's October, time for candy and horror movie marathons! It's just too bad that Hollywood has decided not to put out know...horror movies in October this year (Okay, one horror movie, but still!). While there's not much theatrical for us to cover on the Podcast, we're not going to leave everybody hanging! Our Halloween episode this year is going to be dedicated to a classic horror flick beloved by all. Which classic movie however, is up to you, the listeners!

Video Games and What Not: Rogue Legacy

Aaaand we're back! This time around, we're playing Rogue Legacy from Cellar Door Games! A pretty excellent little platformer/rogue-like hybrid, it packs some fun old school game play with solid platformer and some good laughs as well. It packs a hell of a challenge as well! (This game's going to make you swear. Just watch the video and see!)

To find out more about Rogue Legacy, you can visit their site at!

You can find me:

Casey's Really Bad At - Jamestown The Lost Colony

See what we're watching for upcoming podcast episodes

Hey there ladies and gents, Casey here just to give you a heads up for the rest of our summer here at the BGH Offices! We're working on getting a head start on our upcoming episodes and we figured that since there is some direct to video stuff on the list, we'll give you the heads up as well so you can catch up on your viewing!

"The Walking (And Talking) Dead"

The fine folks over at the Bad Lip Reading Youtube Channel made internet waves a few months back with their NFL lip reading video. It was downright hilarious, even you're not a football fan! They're back again this time, with what may be their funniest video to date; "The Walking (and Talking) Dead"!

Watch on, enjoy your Friday, and prepare to pee a little.

Eli Roth's Aftershock Redband Trailer

Mr. Roth has been in the news a lot here lately with the launch of his recent "Hemlock Grove" Netflix series. Today, the internet is alight with talk of a new Eli Roth "movie","Aftershock" due out May 10th.

This Pacific Rim Wondercon Trailer Makes this Nerd Very Happy

I'll be frank; I love giant monster movies. Mix in Guillermo Del Toro directing a giant monster movies and well, I'm paying attention. Then, you tell me it has giant robots in it? Well, now you're just pandering right to me, right?

Well judging from this Wondercon trailer for Pacific Rim, they are. It looks like they're doing one hell of a job too. There appears to be multiple giant monsters, nothing but action, total carnage and that last shot of the robot smacking around a monster with an oil tanker? Yes, I'm sporting a serious nerd chub here.

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