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"The Walking (And Talking) Dead"

The fine folks over at the Bad Lip Reading Youtube Channel made internet waves a few months back with their NFL lip reading video. It was downright hilarious, even you're not a football fan! They're back again this time, with what may be their funniest video to date; "The Walking (and Talking) Dead"!

Watch on, enjoy your Friday, and prepare to pee a little.

Eli Roth's Aftershock Redband Trailer

Mr. Roth has been in the news a lot here lately with the launch of his recent "Hemlock Grove" Netflix series. Today, the internet is alight with talk of a new Eli Roth "movie","Aftershock" due out May 10th.

This Pacific Rim Wondercon Trailer Makes this Nerd Very Happy

I'll be frank; I love giant monster movies. Mix in Guillermo Del Toro directing a giant monster movies and well, I'm paying attention. Then, you tell me it has giant robots in it? Well, now you're just pandering right to me, right?

Well judging from this Wondercon trailer for Pacific Rim, they are. It looks like they're doing one hell of a job too. There appears to be multiple giant monsters, nothing but action, total carnage and that last shot of the robot smacking around a monster with an oil tanker? Yes, I'm sporting a serious nerd chub here.

Last Chance: Vote for us in the 2013 Rondo Awards!

If you've been listening to the Podcast, you'll know that BGH is nominated once again for a Rondo Hatton Classic Horror Award in the Best Horror Multimedia category! In addition to knowing this if you've been keeping up with the show, you'll also know we're not above begging either!

Voting is open for this years Rondo Awards until April 7th at Midnight! It's also EASY! Just like us!

"Dead Space 3" on PC; More of the Same, But That's Okay

I built a new PC this past weekend, so I decided to break it in with Dead Space 3. So far, it's a pretty great start to our new relationship! I'm about....30% in I think and so far, I'm really loving it. I played the first 2 games pretty obsessively and while this is....nothing new as far as basic gameplay/enemies/mechanics, the story is still really solid and the action is pretty tense in the first half.

Announcing the 2012 Holiday Spooktacular! See the BGH Crew Live!

Our Halloween Spooktacular was a big success; much beer was drank, you fans showed up and egged us on, and much fun was had by all! The most common question we heard after the Halloween Spooktacular was, "When are you doing another one?"

Well guess what folks. We're doing another one.

The Halloween Spooktacular Not-So-Live Edition!

Did you miss the Live Halloween Spooktacular this past Sunday night, wherein we took on the wonder that is "Human Centipede 2: Full Sequence"? Well fear not, dear reader! You can still watch the show on the Bloody Good Horror Youtube Channel! You've plenty of time to watch and frankly, you owe it to yourself to check out our little experiment, just to see the reactions that you see pictured above!

New "Carrie" Teaser Trailer

You know what movie I totally forgot was coming? That's right, the remake of Stephen King's "Carrie"! All things considered, nothing in this trailer screams 'bad.' Then again, it doesn't really show anything much besides Chloe Grace Moretz covered in blood. Considering that "Carrie covered in blood" is one of the most iconic shots in horror movie history, they would be pretty stupid to not include it in the promotion of the remake.

First Glimpse of Daniel Radcliffe in Joe Hill's "Horns"

Earlier this year in Episode 6 of the Dad and his Weird Friends Podcast, I was quite blown away with Joe Hill's novel "Horns". It was a tale of good and evil and right and wrong, love and loss and a whole lot more and was a really great read. Early last week, I was completely oblivious to the fact that Alexandre Aja was turning the book into a feature length film.

Check out this amazing Sigourney Weaver Sculpt!

As a huge "Alien" and "Aliens" fan, I get drawn towards a lot of art projects inspired by the franchise, but seldom do I find something that creeps me out more than the actual movie! Enter Portrait Sculptor and Prop Builder Sculptor Steve! Originally found on Buzzfeed, this meticulous silicone sculpt of Sigourney Weaver was created using photos from 1986's "Aliens"!

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