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Netflix Instant Watch: "Bloody Birthday" (1981)

The 1981 goofy horror flick "Bloody Birthday" is one of those 'so bad it's good' little gems from the 80's. Three innocent children were born during a solar eclipse in 1970. On their 10th birthdays, as luck would have it, they turn into creepy little homicidal maniacs. I'm not gonna lie, this movie isn't going to win any prestigious awards, but it is full of a lot of laughs, cheese and the acting is completely over the top. Plus, it stars a young (and topless) Downtown Julie Brown of MTV fame.

New info on the "Spiderwalk Scene" from "The Exorcist" (1973)

I must admit, "The Exorcist" still scares me to this day. The gore, special effects and the religious undertones all scare the crap out of me. Despite the effects not working as well as others and it being removed completely from the original version of the film, the deleted spiderwalk scene is truly unsettling (both in the movie AND the book). It's definitely one of those images that's hard to erase from your mind.

Retro Trailer: "Devil Times Five" (1974)

Also known as "Peopletoys", the 1974 horrific movie "Devil Times Five" gives us a glimpse of five extremely psychotic children who escape from their psychiatrist's care and unleash terror on a houseful of adults. Bonus? 70's heartthrob and current Celebrity Rehabber Leif Garrett stars as one of the murderous children. What a hoot! The trailer is pretty entertaining, but if you are actually planning on watching this one of these days, I'd skip the trailer because I'm pretty sure it shows every single death in the movie. Not planning on watching this one?

Retro Trailers: "The Children" (1980)

"The Children" is a fun little low budget horror film about zombie children, written and produced by Carlton Albright. After being exposed to some sort of nuclear gas that's been leaking from a power plant, a group of school children on a bus are transformed into gruesome zombies with black nails who are able to burn you alive with their hands. Yes, I am serious. And it's up to the adults to put an end to them and their crazy death hugs. I'm pretty sure this movie is just more proof to toss into the kids are creepy box that I keep under my desk at the BGH office.

Netflix Instant Watch: "Deathdream" aka "Dead of Night" (1974)

A married couple receives the news that their son Andy has died in the line of duty during the Vietnam War. In a shocking twist they're informed that there was actually a mistake and their son is in fact alive! Hurray! Unfortunately, Andy comes back hungry for blood. Directed by Bob Clark, who also brought us the horror comedy "Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things", "Black Christmas" and, oddly enough "A Christmas Story"... this one is worth a watch.

Trailers: "Once It Started It Could Not End Otherwise" uses yearbooks to unsettling effect

"The Sundance Diaries" is a month-long multimedia blog on, with entries made by some of the 64 international filmmakers whose short films were selected for the 2012 Sundance Film Festival. Kelly Sears' animated short "Once It Started It Could Not End Otherwise" uses vintage high school yearbooks to tell the story of a mysterious sickness surrounding American high school students in the 1970's.

13 Real-Life Horror Vacation Spots

Thinking about planning your next vacation? The good old folks over at the Smarter Travel website have provided us horror nerds with a list of 13 real-life horror movie locations and what to expect if we visit. On your next trip to Washingtn, D.C. why not check out the famous stairs from "The Exorcist"? Or maybe plan a trip to stay at The Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado? The hotel, which was the inspiration for horror classic "The Shining", embraces it's association with the film:

Season 2 Updates For "American Horror Story"

FX president and general manager John Landgraf recently addressed some questions regarding the status of the second season of "American Horror Story". The haunted house themed series from "Glee" creators Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk drew in a record 3.22 million viewers and broke network records throughout the season. After a pretty chaotic roller coaster ride first season, many viewers were left wondering just what was going to happen for season 2. If you have yet to watch the first season, then I'll be polite and issue a SPOILER WARNING for what follows. You're welcome.

Netflix Instant Watch: "Babysitter Wanted" (2008)

It's rare to find streaming horror movies that rate above 1 or 2 stars on the good ol' Netflix Instant Watch, but the 2008 slasher, "Babysitter Wanted" rates in at a whopping 3 stars! If that's not enough to hook you, it also stars horror vet Bill Moseley, so there's that... The film, which starts off as a typical cliched slasher flick, takes a surprise twist around the middle which actually makes for a dark, yet highly enjoyable, straight to DVD gem. The basic plot: a college teen is targeted by a scar covered serial killer while babysitting at a remote farmhouse.

Snapshot: "The Devil Inside" (2012)

The new year brings the next in a long line of found footage films that are coming our way. Director William Brent Bell of "Stay Alive" fame brings us "The Devil Inside," a movie about demonic possession, religion, science and mental illness. The good news: This one actually looks like it might be pretty promising. The movie is about a woman named Isabella who is trying to find out the truth behind an exorcism performed on her mother years ago that resulted in the murder of three people.

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