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Netflix Instant Watch: "Supernatural" (TV Series)

One of my favorite things about Netflix is the growing number of television series that are available for instant streaming at my beck and call. "Supernatural" is one of those shows that I've recently started watching and so far, I think it's pretty great. Although I'm only just starting the second season its easy to see why the show has such a huge following. Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki star as Dean and Sam, two brothers on the hunt for their father, the man who taught them how to hunt supernatural entities.

Snapshots: "Dark Shadows" (2012)

When I was a kid and all the other neighborhood kids were outside playing kickball and ghost in the graveyard, I was inside watching "Dark Shadows" reruns. Yes, I was even nerdy back then. I absolutely loved the story of the Collins family and Collinwood Manor and I can't wait for the big screen version to hit theaters May 11, 2012.

"American Horror Story" Season 2 Casting Updates

Fans of "American Horror Story" can expect some familiar faces returning for season 2. Creators Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk have recently revealed during the PaleyFest panel that 5 cast members from the original season will be returning to play all new characters next season. It comes as no surprise that Golden Globe winner Jessica Lange will be heading up season 2. Also returning? Sarah Paulson, Zachary Quinto, Lily Rabe and Evan Peters. It will be interesting to see Peters, who played antagonist Tate in season 1, get to play a whole new character.

"Silent House" Has A Creepy New Facebook App

I'm pretty excited for the upcoming release of "Silent House" starring Elizabeth Olsen. A new viral site has recently popped up that places you right in the middle of the movie and it's darn fun! The site uses your Facebook info to put you right into the middle of Sarah's nightmare where you will see images and names from your Facebook page to make everything extra creepy. It's a lot of fun and worth a look.

And for anyone who has been living under a rock this past month and has missed the bajillion trailer spots on television, here is the synopsis:

Trailer: "Playback" (2012)

When a group of high school students dig into their town’s infamous past they unwittingly unlock an Evil that corrupts and destroys them. Possessing its victims through video playback and using them for malevolent purposes, it closes in on one specific soul, threatening to expose the town’s deepest, darkest secret. Now I don't really feel that this movie has much hope, but it does star my junior high school crush, Christian Slater, which would be a good thing in the movie's favor if this were the late 80's or early 90's. Oh well, I still hold a special place for Mr.

Netflix Instant Watch: "Saturday the 14th"

"Saturday the 14th" is one of those movies that I fondly remember watching and loving as a kid. The horror spoof revolves around a family of four that inherit their deceased uncle's house. The movie has a lot of great things going for it: an evil book that unleashes monsters upon the house, a TV that only plays episodes of "The Twilight Zone" and a fun bathtub scene featuring a Gill Man type of monster. While there are a ton of fun homages to horror films throughout the film, I'm sad to admit that time was not kind to this movie.

Snapshot: "Blind Alley" (2012)

In a tiny laundromat hidden down an alleyway, Rosa finds herself trapped, completely isolated and unable to escape the nightmarish situation of being attacked by a serial killer. At the break of dawn and after hours of anguish, immersed in the sadistic game of cat and mouse the killer has subjected her to, the young girl will discover something even more disturbing about the nature of her aggressor. "Blind Alley" is the directorial debut of Antonio Trashorras, co-writer of "The Devil's Backbone", and will be released later this year.

Snapshot: "Childish Games" (2012)

Kids are creepy. Want proof? Read the synopsis for the Spanish film "Childish Games":

Daniel receives an unexpected, and unwanted, visit from a friend who he hasn’t seen since his childhood. His friend is obsessed with his daughter and insists that Daniel has to meet her. Daniel does his best to get rid of him and tries to forget the incident. That same night his friend commits suicide.

"The Twilight Zone: More Fan Favorites" Coming to DVD

"The Twilight Zone: More Fan Favorites" is a 5 DVD set containing twenty popular episodes of one of my all time favorite TV series. If you have Netflix Instant Watch the whole series is available at your beck and call, but this is definitely a great pick for "The Twilight Zone" completist. Now, I don't know how these fan favorites are picked, but I do know that the Twilight Zone polling people forgot to include my favorite episode, "A Stop at Willoughby" on both this DVD and the other fan favorites DVD that was released a couple years back.

Netflix Instant Watch: "Waxwork" (1988)

If you are looking for a cheesy and campy horror movie to check out on Netflix Instant Watch this weekend, look no further than the 1988 movie "Waxwork," starring Zach Galligan ("Gremlins") and Deborah Foreman ("April Fools Day"). When an evil wax museum owner invites a group of college kids to view his collection of famous monster and murderers, they find themselves becoming trapped in the exhibits themselves in order to become the finishing pieces to the displays. The movie does a good job of blending horror and gore with comedic scenes, all while paying a nice homage to horror movies.

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