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Every Line of Dialogue in "The Lost Boys" is Michael

"The Lost Boys" is probably one of my favorite go to horror films, so I am pretty ashamed that I never noticed how often the name Michael made an appearance in the dialogue until now. My new hero, Dan Nixon, took the liberty of creating an edited version of the film, with you guessed it, all of the times the name Michael is uttered throughout the film. Spoiler Alert: The name Michael is spoken 114 freakin times! That is one heck of a drinking game if I've ever heard of one!

Retro Trailer: "Remote Control" (1988)

Jeff Lieberman's "Remote Control" gives us an inside look at what happens when a video store clerk unearths an alien plot to take over the world with a 1950's sci fi movie that brainwashes its viewers into becoming mindless killers. Jennifer Tilly stars in this horror comedy alongside a pre-Entourage Kevin Dillon. I must admit, this was one of my favorites growing up, though I haven't seen it in years and I'm pretty sure this is one of those movies that you re-watch for nostalgic purposes only. From what I've read this one is pretty hard to come by, as it has yet to be released on DVD.

Retro Poster: "City of the Dead" (1960)

When a young college girl is pressured by her college professor (played by Christopher Lee) to visit a New England town to research witchcraft, she finds that the town is inhabited by a coven of witches and they need to sacrifice a virgin every year in order to keep a reincarnated witch alive. Known here in the US as as "Horror Hotel" the film interestingly shares certain similarities with the film "Psycho" which was released in the same year and just three months prior.

Snapshot: "Choose" (2011)

"Choose" opens with a scene in which a serial killer forces a young girl to choose between which one of her parents to kill. The rest of the film follows journalism student Fiona who becomes interested in the serial killer case that her dad, Sheriff Wagner (Kevin Pollak) is investigating. In a Saw-like twist, the killer in this movie forces its victims to choose between the things they consider most important to them, as we see in the opening scene. When Fiona is contacted by the killer she begins to suspect that her mother's suicide may not have been her choice.

Retro Poster: "Terror at Red Wolf Inn" (1972)

Nothing more enticing than a scantily clad lady lying across what appears to be a dinner table, am I right?! With that being said, I'm sure you'll agree that the movie poster for 1972's "Terror at Red Wolf Inn" is enough to peak any horror fan's interest. A college student unexpectedly wins a free vacation at the Red Wolf Inn, along with two other college age girls. Everything seems perfect until the girls begin disappearing. And judging by the poster I'm sure you can guess what direction this one heads off to. But nonetheless, it's a pretty fun ride!

Retro Poster: "Altered States" (1980)

Drew Barrymore made her film debut in Ken Russell's 1980 film, "Altered States." This sci fi thriller delves deep into the sensory deprivation research that is conducted by a scientist in isolation tanks, while being under the influence of mind altering drugs such as LSD. William Hurt plays Eddie, the Harvard scientist who is conducting these experiments on himself. The experiments begin to veer out of control when Eddie begins experiencing moments of de-evolution outside of his isolation tanks.

Retro Trailer: "Screamtime" (1983)

I was pretty excited when I discovered "Screamtime", a British horror anthology streaming on Netflix Instant Watch this past weekend. This was one of those movies I have always wanted to check out but never got around to watching until now. The anthology involves a wrap around story in which some young punks steal a bunch of videos from a Times Square video store and take them to a friends house to watch. Each one of the videos represents one of the shorts that are featured within the movie.

Retro Trailer: "Witchboard III: The Possession" (1995)

If you're a fan of "so bad they're good" movies, then this movie is not for you. However, if you are a fan of "so bad they're kind of alright and will do in a pinch on a rainy day" movies, then you may want to consider "Witchboard III: The Possession," which is available for your viewing pleasure on Netfix Instant Watch. This one is basically the same basic plot as the other two Witchboard movies, this time involving an out of work investment banker named Brian who becomes possessed by a demon who contacts him through the ouija board.

Retro Clip: "Sleepaway Camp II: Unhappy Campers" (1988)

The "Sleepaway Camp" series is hands down one of my favorite slasher series as a whole (yes, even the third one) and "Sleepaway Camp 2" is one of my all time favorite horror movies. It has everything a suitable 80's slasher flick should have: dark humor, a likable cast, t and a, gore and finally, lots and lots of creative kills such as the outhouse drowning scene. While the original Angela Baker, Felissa Rose, does not reprise her role (she was busy attending college), we are treated to Bruce's sister, Pamela Springsteen, as everyone's favorite transsexual psycho killer.

Snapshot: "Dream House" (2011)

There doesn't seem to be too much information available regarding the plot details of director Jim Sheridan's "Dream House", but what I've come across has definitely sparked my interest. In the above snapshot, Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz play a couple who move from New York City to a small New England suburb and find that their new home was the site of a brutal murder. As Daniel Craig investigates the tragedy with his neighbor (Naomi Watts) he soon discovers that his family could be the killers next target. "Dream House" is set to hit theaters September 30, 2011.

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