Trailer: "Men in Black 3"

It's a well known fact that most people hate the "Men in Black" series after the second outing. Myself? I still enjoy it. Sure, Will Smith has become an overpriced action movie cliche but he fills the roll of J quite well. Tommy Lee Jones is great in the roll of K and I always look for to seeing more of it.

The second movie was a stretch but for me, I was able to over look this for how much I loved the first installment. As origin stories go, the introduction of J into the ranks of the Men in Black was great. In the second movie, we were given a nice chunk of back story to make K more of a full fledged and fleshed out character which was okay.

I wasn't aware iof a third MIB movie until almost last week, which came as a surprise. Even though I didn't mind it so much, I figured after the public outcry from "MIB 2", there was no chance of a third flick. Now, we even have a teaser trailer!

What do we learn from this tease? Not much. Agent J is still sassy. Agent K is still grumpy. The idea of Agent K going missing is worrisome as we already did 'Agent K goes on vacation' in the second movie and it didn't turn out so well. Mix in there a time travel plot and well...I'm officially putting my hopes on a guarded status. Time travel plots rarely work out well and with all the talk of script and budget problems, I don't have a lot of faith in them working out something clever here.

That little Josh Brolin stinger at the end will make you spout an expletive in the form of, "Oh sh!t" though!

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