Announcing the 2012 Holiday Spooktacular! See the BGH Crew Live!

Our Halloween Spooktacular was a big success; much beer was drank, you fans showed up and egged us on, and much fun was had by all! The most common question we heard after the Halloween Spooktacular was, "When are you doing another one?"

Well guess what folks. We're doing another one.

On December 16th, join the crew once again in Live Streaming Glory as we gather to watch the 1997 holiday classic, Jack Frost! Now, we're not talking the warm and fuzzy Michael Keaton version. We're talking the super corny Shannon Elizabeth version. It's going to be a party for sure!

The First Annual BGH Holiday Spooktacular will be on December 16th at 8pm EST! You can watch live on the official BGH Youtube Channel and participate in real time as we get loaded on Egg Nog! This time around, "Jack Frost" is available on Netflix Streaming, so be sure to watch along with us!

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