Heavy Metal News Updates!

- For those who haven't heard, some very concerning news in heavy metal last week, as it was confirmed that Ronnie James Dio has been diagnosed with stomach cancer. No solid word on a prognosis, but the disease was thankfully caught in its early stages. Also, only Dio (or his wife) could release a statement containing the words "slay" and "dragon" and be taken seriously.

- Dee Snider has launched his website takebackthehorns.com, which aims to take a stand over the abuse of our beloved and unique hand symbol. Dee mostly blames Bon Jovi for the widespread misuse of the horns, but does so in a tongue in cheek way. The pictures of what's "not metal" are pretty humorous, even if the grammar is headache-incuding.

- Rob Halford has released his holiday album. It's called "Winter Songs," and it's enjoyable for both the right and wrong reasons. Though I confess, I haven't heard all of it yet.

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