My friend Steve is the 80's action guru. He salivates every time Dolph Lundgren talks about uniting all the old 80's ass-kickers for one big celluloid Buttkick-a-thon. That said he is fired up about JCVD

When I first got wind of this in John Shelton's post from September,I was not on board. Something about a guy who even in the prime of his action hero career had to have every fight scene shot in slow-mo to disguise his tortoise-like reflexes that never appealed to me.

But with Thanksgiving looming and the prospect of having to accompany my in-laws to the theater, I'm warming to it. Generally, the trip to the theater involves sitting through a right piece of worm-riddled big-screen shit. But my father-in -law is also a 80's action aficionado, so if JCVD is in the theater that's what we are heading for. A Van Damme on the down slope making fun of himself is better than anything Tyler Perry has ever done.

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