Entry 2.5: "Feast" and "Feast II"

Now, supposedly this pic is from “Feast II” but I haven't seen the film, yet, so I don't know. I sure hope it is ‘cause if it isn’t then that will suck. This is awesome!!

So here’s a funny story…

“Black Sheep” arrived in the mail. I pulled the disc out and saw that it was a double feature. “Black Sheep” and “Tommy Boy”. That sucked. Worthy of Shenanigans? When I moved the film to the top of my queue I actually wondered what the chances of that mix-up were.

So I decided to see if I could buy one at one of the standard big-box retail shops and couldn’t find it, but while I was at Best Buy…I got a deal on “Feast” and “Feast II”, and having recently listened to the “Feast II” episode of the cast, I took it as a sign.

“FEAST”-FEST weekend!! The sister-in-law is still down so this will be a real test of her metal and loads of fun to boot.

I know it’s not horror but the wife and I checked out the new 007 film tonight and I recommend it if you’re a fan. Again, not Horror, but the character is much, much darker. Dark is good.

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