A Horror Movie Starring You?

I was recently browsing the internet and came across this article on the NY Times Site about a mysterious website that recently popped up that uses your Facebook information to place you as the star/victim in a creepy online horror short. The site, entitled Take This Lollipop features a fun little video starring a man who's getting extremely pissed off while looking at an internet site... your Facebook page. The creator of the site is Jason Zada, a television and music director, as well as Halloween enthusiast.

People keep asking me what sinister plan we’re working on behind it. I just love Halloween, and got the idea about a month ago and decided to shoot it

This is a pretty cool idea for a site, especially around the Halloween season. It's a fun little video that plays on your fears of people obtaining your personal information, which is a pretty understandable fear these days. Be sure to check it out and share with your fellow Facebook friends.

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