Bioshock 2 Teaser Trailer

PS3 owners should know by now that "Bioshock," the mega-atmospheric Xbox360 hit comes out for the "other" system next week, October 21st to be exact. Apparently, beating the game earns you a chance to to view the "Bioshock 2" teaser trailer. Thanks to the internet, you wont have to wait to buy and beat the game to see it! Excuse the poor quality, this is the best version online so far.

According to Kotaku, "Bioshock 2" is slated for Q3 2009, which is way too goddamn long to wait! It's rumored to be a prequel, but based on this teaser trailer, I'm not so sure how that could be the case. If you don't know what I'm talking about, do yourself a favor and get your hands on the original. I'll be expecting your "thank you"s soon!

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