Nightmares Fear Factory - Niagra Falls, Canada

It's Halloween time and that means haunted houses! Cruising about the internet looking for such entertainment, I stumbled across the website of the Nightmares Fear Factory. Seeing as it's in Niagra Falls, Canada, it's a safe bet that I won't make it there this year. From cruising about the site however, it's officially on the list of things to check out!

The website promises some good scares and a few first hand reports confirm that it is a good, nearly pitch black experience. The master stroke however is that the fine folks that run the Nightmares Fear Factory have placed a hi-rez camera on the final scare of the house. What's this mean to you readers? That means you get to waste an hour or two at work today scanning through this amazing Flickr album of the reaction shots of the final scare! Some of these are down right hilarious and what says "Halloween" more than a grown man hiding behind his girlfriend in mortal terror?

While you're in there, here's a commercial for the attraction!

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