Vote for the BGH Podcast Halloween Special

It's October, time for candy and horror movie marathons! It's just too bad that Hollywood has decided not to put out know...horror movies in October this year (Okay, one horror movie, but still!). While there's not much theatrical for us to cover on the Podcast, we're not going to leave everybody hanging! Our Halloween episode this year is going to be dedicated to a classic horror flick beloved by all. Which classic movie however, is up to you, the listeners!

You can head over to this Poll to cast your vote for the 2013 Bloody Good Horror Podcast Halloween Episode! After pulling together nominations on Twitter, we've narrowed down the list to these 5 horror favorites:

"The Beyond"
"Dead Alive"
"Halloween III - Season of the Witch"
"Night of the Creeps"

You've got until October 20th to cast your vote, so get over there and decide what your'e going to subject the crew to!

Happy Halloween!

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