Sam Witwer is the man

I haven't gotten around to buying or Renting 'The Force Unleashed', but there are videos of all the cut scenes from the game on Youtube. Thanks to them, I am now obsessed. I went out and bought the graphic novel based on the game. If any of you are Star Wars fans, you need to check that out.

Looking at scenes from the game, I realized I know who the actor is that they based the main character, Starkiller, on. It is Sam Witwer, and after doing a little research, I realized he has pretty much been involved in every bit of fantasy/horror that I have been into recently.

He was Crashdown, one of the pilots from "Battlestar Galactica". He was the guy who pretended to be the Ice Truck Killer in the first season of "Dexter" He played one of the soldiers that died in "The Mist", and now that he is the model for the Apprentice character in "The Force Unleashed", he is one of the best Star Wars stories ever told, and The Apprentice is also one of the characters you can pick in "Soul Calibre 4".

This guy needs one of those Spike TV awards for 'Most prolific actor in Sci-Fi/Fantasy'

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