Burn Notice Anyone?

Bruce Campbell is a genre god. You really can't argue that. I mean, you can, but you'll loose.

I started watching Burn Notice on hulu a few days ago and I am hooked. Part of the reason is because it's an addictive and somewhat mindless romp that's part MacGyver, part Dexter, a dash of Nip/Tuck and a sprinkle of Hart to Hart. It's sooooo good in a predictable way. Let's talk about Bruce!

Sure he's gotten old. Who among us hasn't? But he is as handsome with graying hair and loafers as he is with a chainsaw jutting from his arm. Also, he is funny. All (most) biases aside, he provides a strong performance and is one of the high points of the series.

I'm going to recommend you watch this show. This feels like a rehash of what Eric said in the related link below... But I'm passionate about this and I haven't posted anything in a while because the black hole that is my magazine started it's quarterly sucking...

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Joe's going to hate this.


... and other words for "boner".


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