"The Descent Part 2" Trailer

I think most people are in agreement that the first foray into the depths of "The Descent" resulted in a pretty kick ass and enjoyable movie. However, I don't know that anyone was particularly screaming for a sequel. Regardless, here's a trailer for it!

According to IMDb, this outing has a new director and new writers which means... absolutely no Neil Marshall whatsoever on the creative end. He is producing however, so at least he'll have a finger involved. The story given on the IMDb listing at least looks like it meshes well; Sarah Carter, the lone survivor of Part 1 is found by cops and must lead them back to the caves to find the bodies of her friends to prove her innocence. So, it could work. Of course, it could also be complete trash.

At least this trailer looks to have some more of the same claustrophobic chills involved, I just hope they didn't show us all the good parts already.

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