"Humanimal" Teaser

While poking around the Fangoria website this morning, I stumbled across an article for the upcoming Chilean surrealist horror outing "Humanimal," a strange little genre picture that features absolutely no dialogue whatsoever. What's more, the film is populated with lots of actors wearing very strange, very furry costumes. I doubt I could make this stuff up if I tried. Needless to say, curiosity has settled upon me.

Here's the officials synopsis:

HUMANIMAL tells the story of two animals, the clumsy Turtle and the intelligent Fox. They live locked in a house and have a stormy relationship that is intensified when both of them fall in love with Cat, who is interested in whom incorporate human habits. It is a story that has very innocent beginning, but as it progresses it becomes intensifies until it explodes. And like every fable story, it has an important lesson at the end.

Turtle? Fox? Cat? Fable? Important lesson? I'm definitely intrigued. Check out the trailer below.

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