Danielle Harris in "Stake land"

If you follow Danielle Harris (@Halloweengal) on Twitter, then you already know that she will be starring in the new Jim Mickle film "Stake Land," a post apocalyptic vampire Western road movie. Let's just hope that all of those elements make a badass movie. I think this one looks okay. It has some alluring images anyway and is rumored to be a bit political, but I guess that comes with the cross burning territory.

There isn't much to know about "Stake land" yet except that it follows a young man and his father figure around as they slay vampires, but at least we know Danielle Harris is excited: "just signed on to "Stake Land" !!!! Vamp's better watch the fuck out b/c here i come!!!!" Now that is a lot of exclamation points!!!!!!!!

Wait for this one in 2010.

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Joe's going to hate this.


... and other words for "boner".


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