Punisher: War Zone Might Not Suck

The Punisher is not exactly the greatest character in the Marvel catalog. He doesn't have any powers or cool gadgets, he doesn't have much of a rogue's gallery because he kills everybody he goes up against and his backstory is identical to the plot to every Steven Seagal movie ever. About all he's got going for him is a cool shirt.

The 2004 Punisher movie, while not a Elektra-level POS, was enough of a "meh"-worthy venture for Thomas Jane to back out of playing the title role in the sequel. In the upcoming "Punisher: War Zone" Ray Stevenson of "Rome" takes over for Jane, rounding out a cast heavy on actors from great TV shows, including "The Wire" (Dominic West), "Buffy"/"Dexter" (Julie Benz) and, er, "Seinfeld" (Wayne Knight).

The first red-band trailer screened at Comicon and if it's any indication, "Punisher: War Zone" is going to be a gory, hard-R action flick in the mold of the recent "Rambo" movie, which, in my eyes at least, is nothing but a good thing. What do you guys think? Is the Punisher worth a reboot or should he get the boot?

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