Trailer: Action Packed Horror Flick "The Horde"

The clip you can view below is a UK exclusive trailer for the upcoming zombie action adventure superpower flick "The Horde". What that means is the clip was made for the UK audiences so in honor of that I'll now speak in the Brit's native language. You American's can go ahead and ignore the rest of the post, you won't understand it anyway.

Ello govna, "The Horde" is a sausy little tadger of a picture about a randy little scuffle between a gang of zombies, bobbies and gangstas. What will happen to these blokes? Bullocks if I know! I almost missed making it to the loo when I took a gander I got so excited. Cherrio!

Bloody Good Horror, bridging the gap between the Americans and the state of Britain one post at a time.

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