Vote Open Source Comics into SXSW!

So here's the deal. I'm a thoroughly modern web guy. I go to monthly meetings of creatives and developers and the most recent meeting produced an idea between myself an a Rails developer that we think has some legs.

Apparently, so does the council in charge of choosing the panels for the next South By Southwest show. If you're just joining us, South By Southwest is an annual showcase of music, movies and interactive design. It started as the Austin Battle of the Bands and somehow grew to become some kind of monstrous industry showcase.

I, on a lark and late to the buzzer by more than a month submitted my idea, Open Source Comics, a combination of open source software ethics mashed up with comic books. An idea to produce a community, a social network that brings artists and writers together to create entirely non-commercial comics under the banner of Open Source Comics. They own the characters in a sense that they have ultimate say of where their creations go, but anyone is allowed to jump in, take part and create their own characters and stories and are free to pull from the pool of creativity happening around them. They can make changes to those characters and settings as they see fit.

Ultimately, it creates an entirely free setting of creative people, free to do what they want, create whatever kinds of comics they want and adapt other people's creations freely as long as they adhere to our Open Source ethic, a comic book equivalent of the GNU.

We're presently building a framework to contain all of this and outlining our expectations of what an actual open source comic can be.

In the meantime, please help me beat the crap out of my competition, some 1300 other panel ideas so that I can actually be a part of South By Southwest this year and bring my idea to the influential masses.


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