Heavy Metal News Updates!

Heavy metal news updates! It's been a while. Too long. Let's do this thing.

*The Autumn Offering, shredding for Victory Records, pops out a new video with "Born Dead." I'm not sure it'll scare the pants off you or anything, but it's pretty creepy all things considered. Careful if you're watching at work. Still, not so bad. Rock on!

*Disturbed will be touring a select handful of cities to debut their new documentary. Detailing the first decade of Disturbed's career, the feature will begin playing five days before the release of the band's new album, "Asylum" on August 31st. Check your local listings.

*Buckcherry, whose entire career of success I recently questioned, has debuted their new album, "All Night Long," at #10 on the Billboard 200. Apparently, my confusion concerning their popularity places me squarely in the minority.

*Sully Erna, frontman from Godsmack, is preparing his very own solo album hot on the release of "The Oracle." Expect it in mid September.

*Last but certainly not least, it's not nearly too late to stock up on fashions for the Fall! (C'mon metalheads, you know you care about this more than you want to admit.) If you need new threads with some quality, classy designs and logos, check out American Fortunes Clothing. They're honest, hard-working guys over there, so take a few minutes and see what they've got.

Live Loud.

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