"The Shock Labyrinth" Trailer

3D and horror: It's just not my thing. However, it appears that the trend is here to stay -- for a little while, anyway. Throwing his tattered hat into this ghostly ring is Takashi Shimizu, the mastermind the "Ju-On" series and the highly underrated and criminally ignored 2004 freakout "Marebito." The latter is one of my favorite genre films of all time, and I'd hoped Shimizu would continue in this general direction. Apparently that isn't the case.

The trailer for his latest creation, the supernatural outing "The Shock Labyrinth," looks promising enough, though I'm still not entirely sold on this whole three-dee gimmick everyone is currently pumping funds into. Since my ability to understand Japanese is practically non-existent, you'll have to work out the specifics of the film for yourself. As far as I can tell, a group of teens enter a haunted building, wherein lots of freaky things occur. Terror, I'm assuming, ensues.

Not sure when this thing will bow Stateside, but as soon as it does, I'll strap a pair of cardboard glasses over my prescription spectacles and report back. Until then, enjoy the preview below.

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