"Don't Look Up" Trailer

Anyone who has bore witness to the unsettling Asian horror anthology "Three...Extremes" should be well versed in the work of Fruit Chan. In case you've already forgotten the specifics or have yet to discover this cinematic treasure for yourself, Chan is the mastermind behind the film's most disturbing entry, namely "Dumplings." Without giving too much away, let's just say you'll always think twice about the crunchy bits buried within your order of steamed dumplings. Make of that what you will.

Much to my delight, Chan is helming the remake to Hideo Nakata's 1996 chiller "Joyu-rei," also known as "Don't Look Up." The film concerns itself with the psychological breakdown of a film director as a gaggle of nasty supernatural beings infect his latest production. The recently released trailer looks phenomenal, despite the fact that, lurking somewhere in the picture, is "Cabin Fever" director and professional creepazoid Eli Roth. The trailer is included below for your endless amusement.

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