Retro Trailer: "Dead and Buried" (1981)

If you are looking for a psychological horror film to watch this weekend, look no further. "Dead and Buried" is one of those films that I loved watching growing up and it actually still holds up pretty well. The whole film brings out a creepy atmosphere and while it's a bit of a slow burn, the ending is a lot of fun. Written by Dan O'Bannon and Ronald Shusett, "Dead and Buried" takes place in the coastal town of Potter's Bluff, which has harbored a dark secret. It seems that a number of strangers who have crossed through Potters Bluff have been brutally murdered, only to turn up in town as locals after being killed. Starring Jack Albertson, Melody Anderson, and a young Robert Englund, "Dead and Buried" is available for your viewing pleasure on Netflix Instant Watch!

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