From The Creator Of “Severance” Comes "Triangle"

I have to give the creators of “Triangle” credit, they’ve got something I haven’t seen before. Ok not the whole trapped in a storm on a boat thing, not the “Butterfly Effect” thing and not the creepy empty ship thing. But freakin Bermuda Triangle? Alright the SciFi channel may have beaten them to that also, but still, well played people!

Melissa George, who you probably remember from “30 Days Of Night” and “The Amityville Horror” remake plays Jess, a girl who finds herself on an abandon cruise ship after her and a group of friends get trapped in a storm at sea. The bigger problem is that Jess is convinced she’s been there before and now someone on the ship hunting and killing all her buddies.

Written and directed by Christopher Smith, “Triangle” is the follow up to his 2006 film “Severance” which we recently discussed on the podcast. The film is still in post production but you can view the international trailer below and post your thoughts.

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