Toronto After Dark Lineup Part 2

Last week we took a look at three of the movies recently announced at the 4th annual Toronto After Dark Film Festival. Today we finish out the initial lineup of films that will be screening at the fest August 14-21.

Someone's Knocking at the Door

This promising-looking psychedelic grindhouse throwback involves a family of serial killers from the 70s mysteriously appearing in the modern day to terrorize a group of med students. It stars Noah Segan ("Brick", "Deadgirl", "Cabin Fever 2") who, with three other horror films coming out this year, seems poised to become a big name in indie genre films.


"Black" might just be the greatest French blaxploitation movie ever made. Okay, there's not a lot of competition there but take a diamond heist picture, throw in some wah wah guitars and a Senegalese setting and you've got what looks like a bad mother of a movie.

Embodiment of Evil

After 40 years, Brazilian horror icon Coffin Joe is back and still on a quest to sire a male child - a lofty goal for a 73 year old man. "Embodiment of Evil" completes the Coffin Joe trilogy from the 60s with thoroughly modern sex, gore and depravity.

That's it for the first wave of films at Toronto After Dark but stay tuned because there are nine more films still to be announced in the coming weeks.

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