Trailer for "Pornography: A Thriller"

From the trailer and everything I've read, "Pornography: A Thriller" looks to be an excellent, mindbending horror film debut. It's currently making festival rounds with writer/director David Kittredge (this is his feature length debut) and the film's producer, Sean Abley (an industry vet who blogs for Fangoria) at many of the screenings. The trailer is below, and the official site is here.

I missed the film when it screened in SF, but I understand there's hope for a theatrical release of some kind. The reviews linked from the movie's FaceBook page (itself linked from the main site) are worth a look - here's a quote from Louis Peitzman's review:

"The best way I can explain the feel is Mulholland Dr. meets The Ring meets The Fluffer, maybe with a bit of Videodrome thrown in. Does that make any sense?"

Now that's a movie I'd like to see! Matthew Sorrento has a philosophical review on Film Threat, and Fangoria's interview with Sean and David is here.

In the interests of disclosure, I should mention that David Kittredge and I have been acquaintances for a number of years - but it's not knowing David that has me excited for the film, it's knowing his taste and what he really gets about the genre and the experience of film.

"Pornography: A Thriller" has it's Philadelphia debut today, July 10th, and the LA premiere is on the 18th.

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