Warren Ellis - Crècy

In 1346 near the town of Crècy France, the English attacked with 16,000 men. The French retaliated with 80,000 men. The English won.

Warren Ellis, creator of such counter culture classics as "Transmetropolitan" as well as Super Hero books as well gives us the one-shot Graphic Novel from Avatar Press, "Crècy". Teaming up with artist Raulo Càceres, Ellis us tells the gritty details of the battle from the perspective of a lowly peasant turned longbowman.

A nice change from super heroes or gloomy goth kid bibles commonly found in comic books, "Crècy" appeals to both the comic geek, and the history geek in all of us. Seemingly staying pretty accurate to the actual battle, the story is told giving details to the English strategy of the Longbowman as well as an insight to the English views of France. (Ellis leaves no doubt either that he loves being an Englishman!) The art is offsetting at first, stark black and white, the details seem a bit washed out at first. It's not long though before you find yourself sucked into the meat of the story which then helps the artwork flow as well.

"Crècy" is a nice change of pace, a good story, and a nice history lesson. If they'd teach history like this in high school, the kids would eat it up. It also shows 'yet another' facet to the prolific Warren Ellis proving once again, he's a pretty deep dude.

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