I'm Christine, and this is my introduction

Greetings all, I'm Christine! I think it goes without saying that I'm the new kid on the block (no Donnie Wahlberg jokes please). I've never really been all that great at formal introductions. I tend to focus on the things no one really cares about, like my animal allergies... I'll give it the old college try.

I'm a diabetic vegetarian currently living in NYC. I love Joss Whedon and anything remotely relating to Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I believe any situation life throws at you can be likened to BtVS or The Simpsons. I am a gigantic geek and a pop culture whore. I am not a socially awkward geek though. There is a fine line, friends.

I love film. I am co "founder" of the magazine Paracinema. It's a nifty "cult"/genre magazine. I often write things in it. It can be seen here www.paracinema.net. Horror is the red-headed step child of all the genres. It's sad because I believe it's one of the most important.

Zombie movies make me giddy and Sally Hardesty is my idol. I have never seen "Titanic". I am in love with Guillermo del Toro. Someone recently called me an onion. I asked if it was because I smelled or made their eyes water. They said it was because I had many layers and was multifaceted. I think they were blowing smoke. Who knows, they may be right.

I've been blogging here and there for a while now. Until I get the hang of it here, feel free to correct me if my posts look strange or messed up. I'm super excited to be on board. I am a daily visitor to Bloody Good so it's kinda surreal and neat to be on the other side.

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