Shenanigans: Harlequin Romance

Okay, I know what you're all thinking. Harlequin Romance? I know, I know. Worry not though, I'm not actually reading the shit.

It was just brought to my attention a special line of Harlequin Romance novels that have hit the shelves of book stores across the world and quite frankly, it shocks and appalls me! For one, it's amazing that there's a market for this special line of books and that anybody can look at it and think 'romance'. It's also a shock that it's actually doing THAT well! Just look at home many of them there are!

Anyways, for to make a long story short: I present you my new and revised Shenanigan for this week:

The Harlequin Romance Nascar line.

"Since taking over PDQ Racing, widowed businessman and single dad Jim Latimer is out of his element. Truth is, Jim knows next to nothing about stock car racing. On the positive side, however, the new position means a lot more time with PDQ publicity rep Anita Wolcott.

But while they totally click outside the racing arena, Anita and Jim can't quite see eye to eye when it comes to PDQ Racing. For Jim, each damaged car is a bundle of money gone in a cloud of oily smoke. Anita, on the other hand, knows that car crashes come with the territory. And as every minute they spend together emphasizes their obvious differences, Anita wonders…is a future with Jim a dangerous investment?"

My heart's racing already.

My writing career is set. I'm penning the first in a long line of 'horror nerd' romance novels! Keep your eyes peeled for "Body Odor Be Damned: Sordid Tales from the Convention Floor" early next spring!

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