First Ten Minutes Of "Doghouse"

Although other horror fanatics may not necessarily agree with me, I do hold the opinion, as unpopular as it may be, that Jake West's ultra-gory 2005 sci-fi farce "Evil Aliens" is one seriously bad-ass motion picture. All of the elements required for maximum cinematic enjoyment are presented and accounted for: over-the-top characters, an insane amount of violence, and a few incredibly messy anal probes, mixed and blended with the skill of someone who's spent a fair amount of time with the films distributed and/or produced by Troma. Needless to say, I've seen it quite a few times. Imagine that.

So you can imagine the unbridled glee yours truly experienced upon learning that Empire Online had posted the first ten minutes of West's Danny Dyer female cannibal comedy "Doghouse" online. Haven't heard of it? Here's a quick and dirty synopsis courtesy of the fine folks at Empire to assist in bringing you up to speed:

Six friends head off for a weekend in the country after one of them goes through a divorce and the rest feel that they need a break. Unfortunately for them, they pitch up in a town where all the women have been infected with a virus that has turned them into man-hating cannibals.

Sounds like a recipe for good, wholesome fun to me. You can peep the footage for yourself by clicking right here, though I would suggest investigating the trailer below before doing so. I wouldn't want anyone to waste their precious time on a film they may not have any interest in watching. After all, comedies involving flesh-eating ladies isn't everyone's cup of tea. For the life of me I can't imagine why.

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