Werner Herzog's "Bad Lieutenant" Trailer

The news that Werner Herzog was going to reboot "Bad Lieutenant" with Nic Cage in the title role was greeted by a massive "WTF?" from cinemaphiles. Then, we were treated to an escalating feud between Herzog and original "Bad Lietenant" director Abel Ferrara in which Herzog claimed to have never seen the movie he was remaking and to have never heard of Ferrara, which prompted Ferrara to invite Herzog to "die in hell" and said that the producer of the film "sucks cock in hell". Whew.

After all that backstage looniness we finally get a look at the trailer for "Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans" and guess what? It's just as batshit insane as you might have hoped from such a bizarre collection of talent and source material. Choking old ladies! Imaginary iguanas on coffee tables! Lucky crack pipes! Break-dancing souls! Val Kilmer! Oh boy. This has instant classic written all over it.

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