"Bioshock 2" has a Release Date!

Lord knows I've been foaming at the mouth over "Bioshock 2" for months now, and I finally have a date to mark on the calendar!

Are you ready to start counting down the days until BioShock 2 hits store shelves? You can start now! BioShock 2 will be arriving on October 30th internationally and November 3rd in North America for the Xbox 360®, PLAYSTATION® 3 system, and PC.

Normally, I'd worry that the four day delay between the international release and US release would prove too much for my weak heart, but I suppose that this means I can actually enjoy Halloween and THEN dedicate my life to this game. For those of you fiending for more info on this game, it turns out there is also a Bioshock 2 Podcast and a Bioshock 2 twitter account that are about as up-to-date as one can get.

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